8 guidelines to fill your kitchen with positive energy


The kitchen is an fundamental part of any Indian household—the supply of our day-lengthy power. Every unmarried equipment that reveals satisfaction of region for your kitchen is critical, and if it is positioned according to the concepts of Vastu, can make sure that positivity prevails.Vastu professional Ashna Ddhannak, holistic lifestyles educate at Enlightening Lifestyle, believes that the kitchen is the pleasant region to gain better fitness and enhance motivation.

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1. According to Vastu Shastra, the Lord of Fire—Agni—prevails in the southeast route of the home, which means that the correct placement of the kitchen is the southeast course of your own home. If for any motive, you’re unable to do so, the north-west path will paintings. However, ensure that the kitchen is by no means built within the north, north-east or south-west guidelines of the house because it will extensively smash relationships among own family contributors.


2. All the objects in the kitchen represent fireplace, so fuel stoves, cylinders, microwave ovens, toasters, amongst other appliances have to be placed inside the south-east a part of the kitchen. Also, those objects ought to be placed in a way so as to compel a person to face the east at the same time as cooking. This will make sure fine strength, says Ddhannak.

3. According to Vastu Shastra, the washbasins and cooking variety, which include the gas cylinder and oven, ought to in no way be saved at the identical platform or parallel to every different in the kitchen, as each fireplace and water are opposing factors, thereby inflicting a terrible effect on a person’s behaviour. It can create accidental fights between couples and family participants.

4. Wash basins, the bathing device, water pipes, and the kitchen drain need to be in the north or northeast path in the kitchen. However, an overhead tanker inside the kitchen must in no way face the north or north-east direction. According to Ddhannak, the water tanker must be placed outdoor the kitchen inside the western a part of the house. It is essential to preserve a balance among the fire and water elements. If a balance is maintained with recognize to water, you will prosper in phrases of wealth and health.

5. The fridge have to be located inside the south-west course to help you triumph over boundaries in life. It can even ensure a peaceful kitchen environment.

6. Storage of grains and other inventory ought to be in the south-west route of the kitchen because it invites good success and prosperity.

7. The windows within the kitchen need to face the north, east or north-east phase of the kitchen.

8. Avoid portray your kitchen black. Instead, opt for colourful colours like yellow, rose, chocolate brown, green, orange or purple.


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