899 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Single Floor Modern Beautiful House and Plan


Total Area : 800 Square Feet
Owner : Hameed Ali
Courtesy : Shining Homes

Sit out
2 Bedroom with attached toilet
Store room
Work area


Here is a simple kerala home design which is designed at a total area of 899 square feet. This house is single storey one and it has got a long sit out that makes this a stunning beauty at such a large area. This is a simple 2 BHK home with all necessary facilities. From the sit out we enter the living and dining area. It includes 2 attached bathrooms, kitchen, small store room and work area.


Colorful wall and simple exterior help to highlight the beauty of this house. The interior is designed such a way that the natural light is not destroyed and it is decorated with the nice interior furniture. This home design is a good option for all those who were in search of a design that is on a budget. This is a low budget single floor home.

The living room and dining hall will be a blend of appeal and development. In addition the plan covers a convenient work area attached. The single floor storey house plan of 899 square feet has a simple kerala home design. A good amount of garden space in-front of the house will be an advantage. The construction of this house is completed by Shining Homes. Get hold this stunning home at approximate cost of just under 15 lacks.


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