A Rs 4 lakh house as the best solution for low-cost shelter


Construction of a house below a budget of Rs 4 lakh is even unthinkable inside the gift situation of spiraling charges of cloth and labour. But Nimfra Architects, a Vadakara-based totally design firm, proves in any other case and offers a house for simply Rs four lakh as a strategy to low-fee construction within a very brief span of time.

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It might be a boon for a large number of people, specifically those tormented by the current floods in Kerala. The largest undertaking confronted with the aid of the state is reconstruction of homes destroyed or broken past repair inside the deluge it witnessed.

In regular instances, it takes at least 4 to 6 months to construct a brand new house. The four-lakh house might be a solution to rehabilitation of families who have misplaced their dwellings in herbal calamities.


The model of the low-fee construction is prepared and tasks to construct the houses are in development at Panamaram in Wayanad and Kodagu in Karnataka.

The house, having an area of 444 sq.Feet, is constructed on a 4-cent plot. There are bedrooms, a dining corridor, kitchen and rest room.

Prefab generation is utilized for the work with partitions made of fibre cement board. From the outdoors, the walls appear like a cement and brick construction. V panel forums of 3 inches thickness are fixed with screws on GI pipes.

For the ceiling, 8 mm V board panels are used. The roof has been trussed and roofing sheets fixed.


1) Light materials are used; so fatalities may be averted in the course of natural calamities

2) Construction paintings can be finished in 15-20 days

3) Rooms can be added as well as eliminated without difficulty

4) Limited substances needed for work. This reduces the quantity of labourers and brings down fee


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