At-Home Ayurvedic Eye Treatment with Ghee (Netra Tarpana)


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As I mentioned in my previous articles on eye fitness, “Home Eye & Vision Care: Foods, Herbs and Lifestyle” and “Ayurvedic Eye Treatment for Tired Eyes,” the lymphatic drainage of the attention muscle tissue is vital for the precision contraction and expansion of those muscle groups. When those come to be congested it could result in dwindled precision manage of the eye musculature necessary for most beneficial visible acuity.


Lifespa photograph, worn-out lady maintaining eye open at the same time as holding coffee cupWhile decreased visual acuity is some thing that we’ve got learned to accept and count on as we age, congestion of the ocular lymph is also associated with other occasional pesky eye concerns, like dry or bloodshot eyes.

The eyes have lubricating glands referred to as lacrimal ducts and meibomian glands that assist to make sure most fulfilling eye moisture. When the lymphatic gadget will become congested and the eye muscle tissue end up unable to transport waste out of the eyes those glands can turn out to be gradual and unable to preserve up with environmental drying factors, consisting of warmness, humidity, and daylight.

Here in Colorado, wherein it’s miles mechanically dry because of the excessive altitude and lack of rainfall, dry eyes are a very common subject. Humidifiers and saline eye drops are helpful however they do not continually solve the issue.


Many eye docs here prescribe washing the eyes with toddler shampoo that is “tearless” or secure for the eyes. The principle is that the natural tearless detergents scrub those ducts of any particles, permitting the eye to lubricate itself yet again. This is a commonplace method and I even have many patients who’ve experienced achievement with it. However, it does no longer cope with the underlying physical imbalance of the eyes that, in keeping with Ayurveda, is at the foundation of those issues.

A Traditional Ayurvedic Perspective
The idea of pitta imbalance supplying as dry or irritated eyes is properly understood in Ayurveda. However, in place of using a detergent to try and scrub the lacrimal ducts, Ayurveda used oil to rejuvenate the eyes and produce them back into stability. This protocol is called Netra Tarpana, where a natural, eye-friendly oil is permitted to soak into the eyes for a couple of minutes to provide surface-level moisture penetration and draw pollutants out of the attention tissue.

According to Ayurveda, the eyes are a warm or pitta organ that can be aggravated closer to the quit of summer season whilst summer time warmness accumulates. Ghee, or clarified butter, is a cooling oil that is ideal for addressing this pitta imbalance and the arrival of dry, fatigued eyes.

The Triphala Eye Wash discussed in my previous blog is typically first-class as a rejuvenation of the eyes and a brief stimulating flush. For renovation, Netra Tarpana may be great in the wintry weather when the eyes are drier or in the summer season whilst it’s far warm. The Triphala Eye Therapy may be first-class in the spring or early summer time while the eyes have a tendency to be more congested. That stated, each of those treatments offer unique aid for the eyes and each can preserve most advantageous eye health.

Isclaimer: While Ayurveda has been employing this method for heaps of years to deal with underlying imbalances within the eyes, cutting-edge sanitary practices and FDA pointers strictly prohibit the use of non-sterile or domestic-sterilized solutions in daily eye care exercises. Consult with your healthcare practitioner earlier than beginning any eye care routine that includes introduction of overseas cloth into the attention itself. Home-sterilized answers can not prevent the boom of harmful micro organism and aren’t an alternative choice to current eye care products.

Ayurvedic Eye Treatment: Netra Tarpana (Ghee Eye Bath)

Traditionally, a dam made of dough from urad flour became used to create a nicely across the eyes. The urad dough became sticky enough and firm enough to keep the ghee with out leakage. Luckily, we don’t ought to undergo so much hassle today. An eye glass or eye cup you can get at a pharmacy makes this a brief and smooth procedure. Always sterilize your eye cup or glass earlier than each use.

Heat up 2-three teaspoons of ghee to medium temperature the use of sterile cooking system. Never use ghee that has come into contact with other foodstuffs or non-sterile utensils.
Let the ghee cool to body temperature and, with the top down, press the eye cups in your eyes.
Then tip the top lower back and, with eyes open, preserve the attention cups firmly in region for two minutes.

Blink and look around to permit the ghee to completely cover the eyes. This is high-quality completed at the same time as mendacity down so that you can loosen up and permit gravity do the give you the results you want.

Repeat 3-4 times a week for 2-three weeks to counteract pitta imbalance and reduce the appearance of dry and fatigued eyes. Never reuse organized ghee that has been allowed to take a seat for extra than a couple minutes or that has already come into touch along with your eyes, as dangerous bacterial increase is a severe difficulty that can bring about everlasting eye harm or blindness. Make a fresh training for each use.

An opportunity to ghee: Apply a compress of equal components raw honey and turmeric to the eyelid. Apply a warm water bottle to hold it warm for 20 minutes twice a day.

Note: Abnormally dry, itchy, or watery eyes, blurry or double vision, glare sensitivity and excessive tear secretion are all capability signs and symptoms of an underlying genetic circumstance or severe sickness. If you experience any of those signs and symptoms for more than 72 consecutive hours, make an appointment to peer a imaginative and prescient fitness professional right away.


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