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Solenoid valve

Transforming electric strength into movement, the solenoid bodily begins and prevents the water glide.
Autotaps products use “latching” solenoid valves. The solenoid valve is to start with energized to begin
the water drift; the plunger is driven into the range of a everlasting magnet which in turn holds
the plunger within the “open” role. In order to return the plunger into its original “closed” function
the solenoid is over again “pulsed” but this time by means of reversing polarity.


Infrared sensor factor

When the sensor senses the presence of an item (i.E. Person’s arms) in front of the faucet and sends a signal
to the solenoid valve to provoke the float of water. When the item is no longer gift, the infrared unit
sends an digital signal to the solenoid valve again to terminate the waft of water usually after a few seconds.

Power source

Most of our Autotaps models have the opportunity to be powered by using normal AA batteries (Alkaline) or
via mains thru a 6V transformer. Batteries and transformers are included with maximum of our merchandise.

Solid Brass body


The body/shell delivers the water. Autotaps places special emphasis in layout and first-rate. Even if the tap
is electronic it have to be in track with the fashion of each particular region. Autotaps produces electronic faucets with
distinctive styles to healthy every ornamental theme.

Quick Explanation

An item ‘1’ disrupts or enters the proximity sensor zone ‘2’, the infra pink sensor ‘three’ detects the object and sends an digital signal to the solenoid valve ‘five’ (within the manage container) thru a sign cord ‘four’. The solenoid valve opens up to let water supply ‘6’ via it, and water is fed to the consumer ‘8’ through the flexible hose ‘7’ related to the faucet.

1- Object/Hands

An item i.E. Arms strategies the sensor eye ‘three’
The infrared proximity is caused or disrupted once an item enters its infrared sensing zone ‘2’

2- Infrared sensor range

The proximity sensor zone is live as soon as powered (Typical sensor variety 20-26cm wide)

3- Sensor eye

The sensor eye part beams out infra pink sign

4- Sensor signal wire

The sensor sign twine transfers or sends an digital sign to the solenoid valve ‘five’ to OPEN or CLOSE

5- Solenoid valve

The solenoid valve acts as a latching mechanism that restricts or permits water to glide via it.

It opens up and releases water through the flexible hose ‘7’ as quickly as an electronic signal is obtained from the sensor ‘three’. The solenoid valve is constantly in CLOSED role, and opens up once an electronic sign is acquired, it goes back to CLOSED position whilst the object ‘1’ leaves the infra crimson sensing area ‘2’

6- Water IN (Hot, Cold or Premix water): Entry

Main water supply entry.

7- Water OUT passage (Flexible hose)

The flexible hose transfers water released from the solenoid valve ‘five’ to the sensor faucet ‘8’.

8- WATER OUT: Exit

Water exits- Water permit thru the solenoid valve comes out
DC- Direct Current- Battery compartment
AC- Alternate Current: Transformer linked to mains electricity deliver


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