Automatic Washbasin Tap Controller


Make your washbasin faucet work automatically when you placed your hands just under the water tap outlet. This infrared-based automated washbasin tap controller device detects any interruption of the IR rays by way of your hands or utensil and water automatically starts flowing out of the faucet.

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Automatic washbasin faucet controller circuit
The circuit is built round 555 timers and accommodates transmitter and receiver sections. Both the transmitter and the receiver paintings off 5V DC. The IR rays continuously emitted by the transmitter fall at the receiver. As quickly as an obstacle is available in among the receiver and the transmitter, interrupting the IR rays, the output of the IR sensor goes low momentarily to trigger the timer circuit inside the receiver and water comes out for eleven seconds thru the tap.


The transmitter is built round timer IC 555, that is used as an astable multivibrator to generate around 38 kHz frequency (see Fig. 1). The timer output is fed to transistor T1, which drives the IR LED (LED1). Note that IR LED1 need to be nicely oriented in the direction of the IR sensor module of the receiver circuit. Its transmission wavelength of 900 to 1100 nm lies inside the height receptivity range of TSOP1738 receiver module.

The receiver circuit contains the sensor module, monostable timer and relay driver circuit (see Fig. 2). The sensor module TSOP1738 is touchy to IR radiation modulated at 38 kHz. Its usually excessive output is going momentarily low whilst any IR radiation is detected or interrupted.

Circuit operation
When IR rays falling at the receiver are interrupted, the sensor output goes low momentarily to trigger timer IC2. The output of the timer is going excessive for 11 seconds and the relay drives the solenoid. During this term, energisation of the solenoid lifts up the valve geared up within the pipe to allow water flow out of the faucet. Solenoid valves used especially for this purpose are proven in Fig. 3.

The relay motive force circuit includes resistor R8, transistor BC548 (T2) and free-wheeling diode D1. Diode D1 protects the relay from damage by means of excessive voltages generated by using the lower back emf when the relay is de-energised.

The time period for which the timer is going high may be calculated as follows:
Ton=1.1 R6C5=1.1×one hundred×103×a hundred×10–6=eleven seconds

Construction & Testing
Use shielded wires or leads for installing the IR LED and the IR sensor at opposite aspects of the washbasin. Install the IR LED and IR sensor round half a metre apart such that the IR rays transmitted by means of the IR LED without delay fall at the IR sensor. Now switch on the electricity deliver to the circuit.

When you put your arms among the IR LED and IR sensor, the relay energises to make the solenoid open up the valve and water flows out of the faucet.


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