Banana Stem Juice Recipe For Kidney Stones & UTI


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Every part of the banana is filled with vitamins and fitness advantages. Eating off the banana leaf has remarkable digestive properties (not to say, it’s far first-rate for the surroundings!), the fruit is a source of potassium and nutrients, and the flower is ideal for diabetes and anti-ageing. Is it any marvel then, that the banana stem is also filled with remarkable benefits? Here are a number of them.

Detoxification and digestion

The juice of the banana stem allows in flushing out pollutants from the body. It is a diuretic, and one of the simplest ways to cleanse your gadget from ailments. Banana stem juice is also a notable digestive, which aids bowel movement and contains proper fibre on your gut.


Treating kidney stones and UTI

Mixing cardamom with banana stem juice relaxes the bladder and allows save you in opposition to painful kidney stones. Drinking a tumbler of banana stem juice combined with a few drops of lime juice each day prevents formation of kidney stones. It additionally helps in relieving ache and pain as a result of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) efficaciously.

Weight loss

Consumed with fibre, banana stem slows down the discharge of sugar and fats saved within the body’s cells. It additionally improves metabolism, and consists of very few energy – that means that it could be fed on with out guilt pangs!

Managing ldl cholesterol and blood pressure

Rich in Vitamin B6, it has a variety of iron and increases the haemoglobin rely. It is enriched with potassium as well, and is powerful to treat ldl cholesterol and excessive blood strain.

Healing acidity and gastric issues

If you’ve were given frequent issues with acidity, banana stem juice allows in regulating the acidic levels to your frame, and restoring stability. It presents remedy from heartburn and discomfort and burning in the tummy.


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