Best Guppy Tank Mates – Full List of Animals Compatible with Guppies


Guppy fish are a favorite fish of freshwater aquarists because of their undemanding nature, lovely spectrum of colors, and peaceful temperament.They’re hardy fish, that is why I constantly propose them as an awesome starter fish for newbie aquarists.But the function that I like maximum approximately them is that they’re not most effective aesthetically fascinating, they’re additionally very beneficial – guppies love eating mosquitoes and mosquito larvae, keeping mosquito populations and mosquito-borne sicknesses beneath test.Read my special guppy care guide, if you want to analyze extra about water necessities, tank length, feeding time table, breeding or mating conduct of guppies.In this contemporary article, you may examine about my pointers on fish that make the high-quality Guppy tank pals and some of the species to avoid whilst you’re retaining guppies.

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1. Swordtails
Adaptable to a selection of water conditions, Swordtails are stay bearing fish that breed quite effectively and get alongside nicely with different stay bearing fish like guppies or platies.

They get their call from their long sword-fashioned fin at their backside, but their particular coloration is also an eye catching characteristic if you want to create a completely unique-searching aquarium.

They’re available in a variety of colors and sun shades that range from inexperienced to crimson.

Swordtails are easy to take care of, they like dwelling in agencies, however aren’t education fish, and much like guppies they’re omnivorous, feeding on flake food, mosquito larvae, brine shrimp, daphnia, etc.

They’re energetic fish and they even like to jump, so a better tank or a cover at the tank will preserve them from leaping out.


If you’re searching out a beginner-friendly fish as a partner for your guppies, swordtails are one of the high-quality picks for guppy tank buddies.

Tank Size: 20 gallons;
Compatibility: 10/10
Care Level: Easy

2. Platies
Another live bearing species, Platies make superb companions for guppies, but be organized for loads of baby fish. Just like guppies, platies additionally breed like loopy.

Platies display many one of a kind colorations and styles, so much like Swordtails they’re stunning little gemstones that aren’t stressful when it comes to water situations.

They’re peaceful and except guppies, in addition they get at the side of mollies, swordfish, catfish, and tetras all of which might be good companions for guppies as properly.

Platies have a very good appetite and that they’ll feed on flake meals, frozen meals, freeze dried bloodworms, fruits flies, and mosquito larvae.

Platies also are amateur pleasant fish, which makes them an excellent choice for anyone seeking to start a freshwater aquarium for the primary time.

Tank Size: 20 gallons;
Compatibility: 10/10;
Care Level: Easy;

three. Mollies
Mollies are very similar to guppies in size and temperament, which makes them notable tank friends for Guppy fish, however additionally for plenty other freshwater fish.

Molly fish are live bearing species and a hardy species that can fare properly each in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

I advocate them to novice aquarists however additionally to all and sundry who wishes enduring fish that are community-friendly.

Mollies get along now not just with guppies, but additionally with platies, bristlenose plecos, and harlequin rasboras, both of which are on my listing of first-class tank friends for guppies.

As some distance as feeding is going, mollies aren’t picky, they’ll devour frozen, live, dried meals and a truthful quantity of veggies.

They reproduce quick and without a whole lot intervention to your component, your best assignment is to ensure girl and male mollies are saved collectively.


Their peaceful nature and resilience allow them to coexist peacefully with different appropriate-tempered species.

Tank Size: 20 gallons;
Compatibility: 10/10;
Care Level: Easy.

Four. Cory Catfish
Cory Catfish range in size and shade, however irrespective of their kind, they’re one of the easiest fish to hold especially due to the fact they’re so pleasant and peaceful toward different fish.

They’re freshwater aquarium fish that I advise if you’re a amateur aquarist.

Since they’re backside dwellers, you could bet they love scavenging within the substrate of your tank, however due to the fact their fins are barbels are delicate I propose putting in place a sand substrate in preference to a gravel one.

You can hold Cory Catfish with guppies however additionally other freshwater species due to the fact they get together with just about some other freshwater species.

Because in their scavenging conduct and preference for the bottom part of the aquarium, they eat leftover meals from the substrate and whilst doing so, they ship algae and muck into the tank.

To maintain your tank easy, I endorse you residence them with different scavengers like snails and shrimps.

Tank Size: 20 gallons;
Compatibility: 10/10;
Care Level: Easy.

5. Honey Gouramis
I’m going to start out via announcing that Honey Gourami are high-maintenance, so I certainly don’t propose them for absolute novices.

They’re unique belongings you must examine to efficiently maintain Gourami, so they’re higher acceptable for greater experienced aquarists or individuals who don’t thoughts the potential maintaining problems that come with this species.

For starters, they should be saved in agencies of 4 to 6 considering that they’re social and thrive in agencies, so a tiny tank gained’t be a good choice for them.

Next, they require planted tanks that ensures they have got masses of shade and lots of hiding places. To recreate the herbal shaded surroundings they thrive in, aquarists commonly use floating flora.

They’re a bit of a timid species, however they’re non-competitive and make a good partner for Guppy fish.

In the wild, they feed on bugs and their larvae, but in tanks they devour all kinds of frozen or live food.

Tank Size: 20 gallons;
Compatibility: 8/10;
Care Level: Hard.

6. Harlequin Rasboras
Harlequin rasboras are any other freshwater fish which are community-pleasant, newbie-pleasant and smooth-going.

The signature trait of this species is their copper crimson color that’s accentuated by using a triangle-fashioned patch at the rear end of their body.

They’re vibrant fish that show off training behavior, so preserve them in groups of eight to twelve. If you hold them in very small organizations of three or four, they can emerge as timid or harassed.

They’re brilliant tank mates for Guppies and get along with different freshwater fish like Cory catfish and cardinal tetras.

Harlequin Rasboras are top to mid-dwellers, that is the identical tank degree that Guppies select as properly, however you won’t see any territorial behavior or tension among the two species.

Avoid retaining them with huge or predatory fish.

Harlequin Rasboras enjoy a numerous food regimen and even though trouble-free, for nice consequences ensure they get a little bit of the whole thing in their weight loss program: sparkling, dried, frozen, or flake.

Tank Size: 20 gallons;
Compatibility: 10/10;
Care Level: Easy.

7. Cardinal Tetra
Cardinal tetras are active and colourful species which can be clean to keep. Since they’re schooling fish, it’s excellent to maintain them in businesses of seven or extra.
They’re frequently improper for his or her close cousins the Neon Tetra, however at the same time as the Neon Tetras have a purple stripe that extends from the dorsal vicinity to the tail, the red stripe in Cardinal Tetras is at the whole length of the fish.

Cardinal Tetras are a suitable choice for a network fish and may coexist with Guppies barring one caveat: in a tank with few hiding spots, Cardinal Tetras may also consume Guppy fry, so if you plan on keeping the fry offer enough hiding spots or dispose of the fry.

They aren’t picky eaters, they’ll consume a aggregate of sparkling, exceptional flake ingredients or frozen foods.

Cardinal tetras are notoriously difficult to breed, and also you’ll want a separate breeding tank and a strong water chemistry to efficaciously breed them.

Tank Size: 30 gallons;
Compatibility: 9/10;
Care Level: Easy.

8. Bristlenose Pleco
Thanks to their non violent temperament, Bristlenose Plecos are a splendid accomplice for Guppies and, as their name shows, they may be identified through the fleshy tentacles on their head.
They’re bottom dwellers and prefer to feed on algae, because of this they’ll hold your tank exceptional and easy and could live out of the manner of your Guppies, who’re predominantly mid-dwellers.

They like hiding spots like roots, caves and plants and that they’ll forage inside the substrate of your tank having a flavor for a herbivore food regimen.

However, they could’t live on algae and leftovers on my own, so make sure you feed them spirulina wafers, granules and greens like lettuce or zucchini.

Besides being useful population of aquariums, the Bristlenose Pleco is likewise an excellent novice-pleasant fish that’s hardy and basic.

They’ll play nicely with other freshwater fish in addition to long as they’re not competitive.

Tank Size: 30 gallons;
Compatibility: 10/10;
Care Level: Easy.

9. Otocinclus Catfish
Relatively timid, the Otocinclus Catfish are exceptional scavengers of freshwater aquariums being acknowledged for his or her insatiable urge for food for algae.

This species is small achieving a maximum of 2 inches at maturity, and that they’re rapid swimmers. In reality, you’ll note them darting from one side of the tank to the opposite in mere seconds.

They’re now not a hard species, however they’re sensitive infants that don’t do nicely in flawed water situations.

They have the first-rate threat of survival in nicely-matured, clean and stable aquariums.

Oto Catfish experience soft filmy and gentle inexperienced algae types, but they could easy out a tank complete of algae in a day, so supplementing their weight loss program with algae wafers and smooth greens is necessary.

They are community-pleasant fish that can be paired with Cory Catfish, Amano Shrimp, Red Cherry Shrimp, and other freshwater fish including Guppy.

When housing them with Guppies, hold a watch on them as Guppies may be nippy every so often.

Tank Size: 20 gallons;
Compatibility: nine/10;
Care Level: Moderate.

10. Nerite Snails
Nerite snails are a docile and famous freshwater snail diagnosed for his or her prolific algae-consuming competencies.

They’re a incredible healthy for guppy fish and an brilliant snail to preserve round if you’re searching out a low-price option to preserve algae beneath check to your tank.

Because Nerite Snails need saltwater to breed, you don’t must take measures to keep their populace beneath control.

Along with the Amano Shrimp, Nerite Snails are known as a part of the aquarium cleaning team.

When buying those snails, search for active snails which might be unfastened from cracks, gashes or nicks. Look for snails which might be affixed to the glass (the ones are the active fellows!) and keep away from the ones on the lowest of the tank mendacity the wrong way up immobile.

They’re a hardy species that adapts to more than a few water conditions and they’re happy and content in planted aquariums that constantly shed plant depend, therefore, they’re in no way excessively clean for these snails.

Tank Size: 10 gallons;
Compatibility: 9/10;
Care Level: Easy.


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