Brilliant Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning


In warmer months, it’s tempting to crank the AC or plant your self in the front of the closest fan. But these are not the only hints to retaining cool. It turns available are lots of approaches to buffer your home from the heat with out racking up your electric invoice. And they’ll make you feel like a DIY champ, too.

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1. Keep your blinds closed. As easy as this tip may also seem, Family Handyman notes that up to 30 percent of unwanted warmth comes out of your home windows, and utilising shades, curtains and the like can prevent up to 7 percent on bills and decrease indoor temperatures by up to twenty stages. In other words, closing the blinds basically prevents your home from turning into a miniature greenhouse, which is in particular the case with south- and west-facing home windows.


2. Better yet, invest in blackout curtains. Blackout curtains block daylight, clearly insulating the rooms wherein they’re mounted. Consumer Reports recommends impartial-coloured curtains with white plastic backings to lessen warmness benefit with the aid of as much as 33 percent.

3. Be smart approximately your doorways.

Closing off unused rooms will prevent cool air from permeating these areas in the course of the freshest a part of the day. You’ll want to capitalize on the cooler night hours, too, letting air glide obviously thru your private home.

4. Hack a fan instead of turning at the A.C. Not even an air conditioner can give off a faux sea breeze, but this easy trick can. Fill a mixing bowl with ice (or something similarly cold, like an ice %), and role it at an perspective in the front of a big fan so the air whips off the ice in a further-chilled, extra-misty state. Trust us: It’s magic.

5. Swap your sheets. Not handiest does seasonally switching your bedding freshen up a room, however it is also a exceptional way to preserve cool. While textiles like flannel sheets and fleece blankets are incredible for insulation, cotton is a wiser move this time of 12 months as it breathes easier and remains cooler. As an delivered bonus, buy yourself a buckwheat pillow or two. Because buckwheat hulls have a obviously happening air area between them, they won’t keep on in your frame warmth like traditional pillows, even when packed collectively in a pillow case.

6. Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise. You might not realize that your ceiling fan needs to be adjusted seasonally. Set to run counter-clockwise inside the summer at a higher pace, the fan’s airflow will create a wind-kick back breeze effect that will make you and your guests sense cooler.

7. Focus on the temperature to your frame, not the house. If your ancestors survived without air conditioning, so are you able to. From sipping tasty iced liquids to applying a chilly material to strong-pulsed regions like your neck and wrists, cooling your self from the internal out isn’t always a terrible concept. Other tricks include being clever approximately your garb choices and telling your partner you may not be cuddling till the leaves begin changing colour. Also strive preserving a bowl of cool water by using your bed and dipping your toes if you sense warm within the midnight.


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