Cement Fiber board construction


This research tries to locate the cheap and accessible fibers as an asbestos replacement in the manufacturing of fiber cement board. In this studies, waste Kraft pulp which gained from waste cardboard in business enterprise with polymeric fibers; acrylic and polypropylene fibers which can be normally used in material industry, had been used. In both companies, nano silica became used as an additive. Mechanical traits of the specimens have been examined and analyzed in keeping with applicable requirements.

The consequences showed that the specimens produced from waste cardboard and acrylic fibers could meet the usual’s requirements and feature adequate capacity to be used as an alternative of asbestos.


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Cement fiber based totally ceiling materials are to be had in bureaucracy – board/sheet and tile. Different texture finishes are to be had for ceiling tiles. You can use cement forums inside the conventional ceiling and ceiling tiles in a grid design. Projects where acoustic houses are critical like an auditorium, halls, shared workspace, hospitals, department shops, theaters – we will use the grid model.

Cement fiber-based cladding products are specially available in plank format with a thickness of around 8 mm and one-of-a-kind dimensions. You can repair those planks with steel, cement or wood substrates without difficulty by means of screws or adhesives. Application vicinity differs in keeping with purpose like outside partitions, gates, lobby, facades, and so on.

Dry Walls
Fiber cement-based totally wall partition solutions are pleasant applicable for high-pace production works. Drywalls are lighter, less difficult to build and eliminates the ‘curing time’ associated with brick and mortar based creation. This is ideal for non-load bearing wall structures. Cement fiber-based totally drywall’s are more durable than gypsum drywall structures. Cement fiberboard walls are rather endorsed in wet areas.


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