Chinese Potato


The clinical name of Chinese potato is Solenostemonrotundifolius. It is a member of the ‘lamiaceae’ circle of relatives. It grows properly in nicely tired land with well fertilized soil. There needs to be sufficient water in the soil. If there isn’t sufficient rain, watering well is essential.

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Cultivation techniques
The perfect time to cultivate Chinese potato is among July and October. For higher yield, plant them in September. Vines are the planting fabric of Chinese potato. A month earlier than planting, make ridges and plant the rhizomes. In order to elevate vines for one hectare, 170 to 200 rhizomes are required.For this, 500-600 sq.Metres of mounds ought to be made. Make beds with 30cms apart and plant the rhizomes 15cms away from each other. Watering is quite essential. Vines for planting can be collected in a month.

The land for cultivating ought to be dug deep and piles made. 10 tonne cow dung, sixty five kgs urea, 335 kgs rajphos, eighty five kgs potash have to be carried out as basic fertilizers in 1hectare land. Fertilizers need to be mixed well within the soil. Plant 10-15 long stem 30 cms apart. The stems must have at the least 3 nodes. The soil must be nicely drained on the time of planting. After 45 days of planting, dispose of weeds and add the same amount of urea and potash brought before planting observed with the aid of earth up. This earthing up increase the formation of rhizomes from branches. To combat off nematode attack, upload 1.5 kgs of carbofuran before applying fertilizers.

Vitamins and makes use of
It contains calcium, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, carbohydrates, niacin, and vitamin C. Micronutrients like polyphenols are also observed in it. They help in saving the frame to an extent from most cancers, coronary heart sicknesses, diabetes, and nervous issues.

Any farmer can grow them under daylight on a non-commercial basis with out chemical compounds, and fertilizers. Adding neem cake oil in conjunction with basal fertilizers will be enough. After mulching, add ‘jeevamrutham’or a solution of cow dung jumbled together cow urine, and leaves of kanikonna (golden shower). It can also be grown through layering green leaves with, cow dung on top and earthing up. The rhizomes selected for growing can be stored in sand or awn for longer existence. Chinese potatoes are used to make dishes like sautéed veggies, and masala curries.

Crop safety
Nematode is normally noticed on regions wherein Chinese potatoes are frequently cultivated. They motive swelling the roots. Roots and finally the plants are stunted and wilted. Adding neem oil desserts at the side of basel fertilizers is right to maintain them away. Dilute 2 ml of khalathiyon in a single litre of water and spray to avoid the attack of pseudostem weevil, aphids and thrips. Herbal pesticides too perhaps used


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