Creative DIY Ways to Reuse a 5-Gallon Bucket


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Buckets for Retiling – When it is time to retile the flooring or redo the backsplash, there is no better mixing bowl than a bucket for messy cement, sealant, or caulk. Best of all, it is portable, so you can update tiles in a couple of areas with simply one batch of mix.


A Place to Sit – One man’s bucket is any other man’s mold for crafting a custom stool. To make one yourself, grasp a few short concrete mix, timber dowels for the legs, and of course a bucket. Pour in about 3 inches of concrete, then area within the dowels. After it units, truly pop the stool from the bucket.

A Toddler Swing – It’s no longer difficult to show an ordinary bucket into an low-cost little one swing. Begin by carving the bucket into a swing shape with a jigsaw. Next drill 4 holes, with two on the perimeters to hold the swing, and two close to the returned to prevent children from tipping. Lastly, droop your swing from with robust rope on an even sturdier tree, and get ready for hours of fun.

An Organizer for Supplies – Buckets make top notch organizers for workshop or workplace elements. Make yours even more storage pleasant with the aid of becoming a bucket bag with external garage pouches. You can effortlessly sew one together with some portions of scrap cloth.

Washing Laundry – Got a bathing gadget on the fritz? No sweat. You can make a mini washing device with little greater than an ordinary bucket. Simply reduce a hollow in a lid, vicinity a (easy) plunger through, then cap the lid and plunge away to agitate your clothes.

Ice Lanterns – The coolest out of doors lighting can be crafted from ice this iciness. First area a bucket of water outdoors just lengthy sufficient for a layer of ice to form internal of the bucket. Next, bring the bucket again interior and let the ice loosen a piece. Slip out your ice shell, region a candle in the center, and you’ll have a seasonal lantern.


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