Easy Ways To Bring Good Luck In The House


Wind chimes -Wind chimes are known to bring good luck as well as money into the home. The best way to use them is to hang them at the entrance of the house. You can also place a wind chime at the furthest back left corner (viewed by standing looking at your home from the front street or from your house’s entrance). Never hang chimes where you study, work, eat or sleep as it suppresses the positive energy

List of ‘good luck’ items – There are many ‘good luck’ items which you must always pick up should you find them. These are known to help you bring good luck into your lives and your home. They include: four-leaf clover, coins (with heads up only, avoid picking up tails up ones), pencil, postage stamps, yellow ribbon or anything purple in color. Never walk past these objects if you see them-it is important that you pick them up!


Good luck animals – If you find a caterpillar, pick it up and toss it over your shoulder. This may not be lucky for the caterpillar but it will be for you!A cricket in the house brings good luck! A frog brings good luck to the house it enter


Herbs and plants for good luck- Many plants and herbs are considered to bring luck into your home.Place Irish moss under the doormat to bring money and good luck into your lives.Hang Aloe Vera and Catnip in your home-both are very lucky.According to Feng Shui, bamboos are very lucky for the home.

Place the bamboo in the East for good health or South east for money and good luck. Love and care for your bamboo plant and it will love you right back!Four leaf clovers are good to find. If you find one, keep it in your house for good luck.A mistletoe in the house rings fertility and good luck. It also protects the house from lightning.
Plant shrubs and trees with rounded leaves near the entrance instead of those having sharp, pointed leaves. This is because; rounded leaves balance and harmonize energy, while pointed leaves push it
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