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Now you know the bill amount even before the current bill comes. You can know the bill amount in advance through Kseb’s online portal and official mobile app.

The electricity bill amount equals the product of units consumed and the rate per unit. The number of units consumed can be found from the meter reading. You can also use an Online Electricity Bill Calculator to check the calculations and your total bill amount.


As per KSEB latest tariff order 2020-21, additionally, surcharges of 0.1 paise per unit will be charged. And we have updated the calculator with the latest price along with the commercial tariff, three-phase and single-phase addition, etc. You can get the price by scrolling the page.


The total power consumption is equal to the difference between initial KSEB energy motor reading to final KSEB energy meter reading.

Unit consumption = KSEB Energy meter final reading – KSEB Energy meter final reading.

KSEB bill calculator or Kerala State Electricity board tariff calculator used to find the exact electricity bill amount. KSEB has two sets of tariff rated based on the consumption and they are telescopic rate and Non-telescopic rate.

if a consumer consumes lesser than or equal to 250 units (kWh) means, the consumer comes into telescopic tariff rate. At the same time, a consumer power consumption is more than 250 unit means, those consumers are called as Non-telescopic consumer. The non-telescopic consumer should pay 150% to 300% higher than the telescopic consumer.

Additionally, the consumer should pay fixed charges based on the type of service (single-phase or three-phase)

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