Handmade face mask tutorial


Face masks have been flying off the shelves, no thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak. One medical doctor has come up with a brilliant approach to manage in case you’re having trouble getting your palms on them.
He recommends a DIY solution as a substitute.
On Wednesday (12 Feb), AsiaOne reports that Dr Chen Xiaoting, a Taiwanese anaesthesiologist, shared instructions on developing a fabric face masks on Facebook.
Unlike surgical masks, these face masks may be washed and used reused frequently.
Gathering additives of surgical mask
Surgical masks are crafted from “soften-blown, non-woven cloth”. They have a three-layer structure comprising substances like:
Waterproof non-woven layer (front)
Microfibre melt-blown non-woven cloth (middle)
Ordinary non-woven fabric (returned)
Dr Chen was able to make the fabric face mask work by adding an opening to location filters – additionally known as a microfibre soften-blown non-woven material – in the center.

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Buy material
Find a tailor
Get a surgical masks as a length sample for the tailor
Place non-woven fabric as an air filter
He used a piece of blue material, measured at 30 x one hundred and five cm, which was worth S$10.95 (fifty five yuan) consistent with foot.
Afterward, he went to a tailor and after 30 minutes, the fabric face mask born.

This mask’s mystery weapon lies in the middle layer. He inserted an object that could act as a filter or a “microfibre melt-blown non-woven fabric.”
The health practitioner located a “non-woven fabric” inside the establishing of the mask. In this case, he inserted wet tissues that were dried, but the usage of rest room paper is best too.
People also can use “non-woven cloth” determined in rags, diapers, gauze, moist tissues, tampons as filters too.
However, don’t forget to replace this frequently with “new” material that has in no way been used before. Don’t store money on those air filters!

Why use material face masks?
Most mask are made in China to reduce expenses. Hence, the hazard of Covid-19 has effectively wiped out shares in shops.
Dr Chen explains that the usage of “material face masks” is not atypical for veterans inside the medical subject.
He determined that hospitals within the Thai-Myanmar border used it to keep away from an excessive amount of medical waste. Plus, it become environmentally friendly.

To put on or no longer to wear surgical mask?
The sealing effect of surgical masks is not one hundred% due to the fact oxygen still enters from the facet of the masks. However, N95 surgical masks have to handiest be used during important moments.
Dr Chen claims that there is no need to wear masks in low-hazard environments because they cannot be worn for lengthy.


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