How Long Does It Take to Build a New Construction House?


A lot of thought is going in to identifying whether or not to build a new production residence—which include how long it is going to be earlier than you get to eventually flow in. Unlike with pre-built houses, the process for stepping into new production requires that you wait it out for longer than just a ultimate duration. You’ll have to issue in time beyond regulation for such things as designing your house and finalizing all the many details, as well as time for the house itself to be constructed. So how long does all of it take? Below, we’ll share a few facts across the time it takes to construct a new production residence in the U.S., in addition to the steps which you’ll go through at some point of the process.

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Average Time to Build a New Construction House

The common amount of time to build a brand new creation house is about 7.7 months, in keeping with records from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2018 Survey of Construction. That consists of approximately one month for building authorization and permits, observed through 6.7 months of actual production, finishing with the very last stroll thru. Note that this timeline refers to houses built on the market, consisting of custom houses in a brand new housing improvement. Homes constructed by the owners themselves took appreciably longer, at 12.Five months, probably due to much less enjoy and smaller crews.

What’s now not included inside the census information is the planning manner that takes place prior to authorization and lets in. If you’re doing a custom build, this includes the time when you meet with the income office, pick your ground plan and structural features, and choose all your design enhancements. You’ll also need to aspect in time to get your financing so as, because maximum custom domestic builders will require at least some part of your down payment earlier than breaking ground.


As for how lengthy that every one takes, it depends on a few various factors, inclusive of how quickly you could make all of the many selections that move into designing your property (and there are a number of them). The more you may plan in advance in phrases of things like structural capabilities and financing, the shorter the planning procedure might be—and the earlier you may flow on to authorization and construction itself.

Factors That Can Slow Down New Construction Builds

Ideally, each step of the manner will pass as easily as possible when you build a brand new production residence. But the reality of latest domestic construction is mostly a bit more complicated than that, and minor (or on occasion essential) delays are continually going to be possible.

There are some elements that have a tendency to place the brakes—at least temporarily—on new creation builds:

Authorization process. The amount of time that it takes to get authorization and allows from the local Planning and Building Department may also vary, though as previously stated, the U.S. Census Bureau reviews this takes a month on average. If you encounter any troubles although, along with zoning issues, easements, or property line disputes, it’s going to take longer to get the cross ahead. Fortunately, in case you’re constructing your house in a brand new housing development a lot of the felony issues have already been cleared, and it’ll simply be a depend of having the final “OK” from the metropolis or town.

Weather. The weather is a huge variable in how lengthy it takes to build a new creation house. Temperature and precipitation can both have an effect on the timeline of a construct, in view that in addition to probable slowing down the workers themselves these factors can directly impact the amount of time it takes to do such things as set the concrete for a home’s basis and get the framing up. Once the house is underneath roof, but, the building time shouldn’t be so dependent on the conditions outside.

Location and topography. Where you’re constructing your house subjects. Some soil types are more difficult to break through and build in (consisting of clay), and topographical info like hills and rocks also can sluggish down the technique. Your builder need to have a very good concept approximately the environmental situations of a plot of land before the construct starts offevolved, so be sure to invite questions and find out if any delays are expected.

Builder enjoy and crew. Inexperienced builders will typically take longer to finish a challenge, whereas those which have been in the enterprise for years have a tendency to have it all the way down to a technology. If you’re looking to rent a contractor on your build and also you want it to be complete as soon as feasible, search for a person with a number of enjoy who is assured approximately each the process and the quantity of time it’ll take to complete. The length and high-quality of their crew will thing in too, with large, extra green crews assisting to make the construct occur quicker.

Construction fashion. The extra fashionable your floor plan and layout features, the much less quantity of time your construct is in all likelihood to take. So at the same time as there is absolutely not anything incorrect with getting fancy with your new home plan, expect that any unique structural or indoors selections which you make are going to require greater time to complete, and set your expectancies as a result.

Another extraordinary variable inside the time it takes to a construct a brand new construction residence is the purchaser. In a custom build improvement, maximum—if not all—of the selections that you make approximately your private home can be finalized before creation begins, so there won’t in all likelihood be any delays from changing alternatives. But clients can gradual down the process through requesting regular oversight of the build. For efficiency’s sake, it’s a great concept to stick to the same old walkthrough time table, which generally includes a couple visits along with your lead contractor after important structures were put into area and on the other hand once the drywall is up.

Building outdoor of a development? You’ll have extra leeway to make adjustments, but any modifications that you make will in the long run sluggish down the process.


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