How much Ton AC (Air Conditioner) required for Room.


While shopping for an AC (Air Conditioner) a huge question comes into our mind is that how an awful lot ton AC is vital for a room. Seller will always give one-of-a-kind views to promote their AC with maximum ton, but in fact is that so?
Recently I delivered a 1.5 Ton AC from Market which the provider told is needed for a general room. After putting in that, discovered that AC is extra than sufficient for my Room, in truth its freezing. So, I opened my next related room and after few moments AC cooling is likewise spreading to that room additionally. Nowadays my 1.Five Ton AC is used for cooling the ones rooms. Only precaution is I actually have made both rooms air tight and door is full open for passing of cool air.
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Personally I Feel, if one nicely block all air passing holes (establishing) in a general room, then a 0.Seventy five/zero.8 or 1 Ton is sufficient to chill that room, if people inside that room is say simply 1-3 men and women. So, why spend a whole lot on better ability while smaller will do. However, a smaller ability AC may additionally sometime locate it difficult to cool your desired room and as a result, there may be increase in strength payments. Similarly a greater than required better ability AC will growth the strength bill because of higher consumption. So, one need to well length the Air Conditioner.

Let’s do the mathematics.

1. Remember – 0.75/zero.Eight Ton AC can provide 9000-9500 BTUs, 1 Ton AC grants 12000 BTUs, 1.25 Ton AC promises 15000 BTUs and 1.5 Ton AC Delivers 18000 BTUs.


2. Calculate your Room Size in Sq fts. For e.G., a popular room size is 15 X 12 feet. That method 180 sq.Toes.

3. Multiply Room squareft X 25 BTUs. For e.G, one hundred eighty (squaretoes) X 25 = 4500 BTUs.

4. If Room is in coloration then decrease the BTUs by 10%. Similary if Room is immediately underneath Sun then boom the BTUs by using 10%.

5. Each Person add around six hundred-seven hundred BTUs. Suppose three humans are present inside the Room, then add every other 2000 BTUs.

6 Kitchen are normally Hotter and consequently, upload every other 2000-3000 BTUs.

What I Practically observed (Personal Room with door now not opened regularly and Room is properly Air Tight with no longer a small beginning) –

1. If a Room squareft is underneath 100 squarefeet, then go for zero.75/zero.Eight or 1 Ton AC. That could be enough.
2. If a Room squareft is among 100-2 hundred sq.Toes, then cross for 1 Ton AC. That ought to do.
3. If a Room sq.Ft is above 201-300 squarefeet, then move for 1.25 or 1.Five Ton AC.
4. If a Room is massive say above 301-500 sq.Feet, then higher go for 1.Five Ton AC.
5. If Space is larger than 501 sq.Ft, then it may required greater than 1 AC.

Another Few Important Factors to search for –

A 1 Ton AC might also cool your Room and you may not want a 1.Five Ton AC. But what approximately the strength consumption? What approximately your electricity payments. Three important elements should be recognised before buying the AC. After selecting your Desired Capacity of AC from above stats take a look at for three crucial factors – EER (Energy Efficient Ratio), COP (Coefficient of Performance) and Star Ratings.

Higher the EER, lower the strength bills.
Higher the COP, lower the energy bills.
5 Star Ratings will provide lower energy bills then 2 or three Star Ratings.
Split AC or Window AC – There isn’t any preferred preference, however Split AC is modern and looks stunning than Window AC. It relies upon on EER, COP and Star Ratings as cited in advance, whichever has higher pass for that. Personally if you inquire from me, then Split seems beautiful on your Room and takes much less space.


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