How to apply contact lens easily at home.


How to apply contact lens easily at home. Review of freshlook oneday contact lens.
Watch this video. Courtesy: Malavika Prasoon


Before embeddings the contact focal points in your eyes, ensure that you completely clean your hands with warm water. Put the contact focal points on your hand and splash it completely with your contact focal point arrangement.


Put the contact focal point on your pointer.
Note: Check to see that your contact focal points are on its legitimate side. In the event that the edges are jutting outward, at that point it’s on the wrong side.

Using your center finger of your other hand, you can pull the drop eyelid down.
you would then be able to utilize your center finger of the contrary hand to pull your eyelid up
Place the contact focal point in your eye, make a point not to squint

Move the contact focal point towards your eye serenely and consistently.
Note: After putting the contact focal point on your eye, delicately move it so it is focused over your iris (roundabout, hued part of eye).
Blink your eye to change the focal point.


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