how to clean iron box with paracetamol


The black spot now and again discolors my white shirts and that pisses me off actually awful. Just the other day while i was discussing my iron container stain problem my friend permit me in on a little mystery.
how to clean iron box with paracetamol. Watch this video. Courtesy: Ladies Corner


There are many ways to lean stains on an iron container however this may positioned you off stability. Your Iron could be clean as new.


What you need

A pair of Paracetamol pills
A piece of fabric for wiping

The procedure

Plug in the iron field to heat it a bit. Don’t permit it’s too warm as it would scold you when rubbing on with the tablet.
Take one Paracetamol tablet at a time and rub it on the black spot, this need to slowly remove the stain.
You will notice the spot pilling off from the bottom of the iron. Once the black spot is eliminated
Wipe off the black matter with a smooth cloth


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