How to Connect Solar Panels to My House’s Electricity


Solar power is an increasing number of gaining reputation as a dependable and smooth electricity supply for the house. Initially, you may discover sun cells highly-priced, so you might also use them along side your existing, grid-energy energy to satisfy your home’s strength necessities. Once you put in sun panels at your private home, you may reduce the electrician’s costs by way of connecting them to your home’s electricity yourself.

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Step 1

Install sun panels for your roof with the help of a professional or a do-it-your self solar kit. You ought to attempt to deliver approximately 5000 watts of strength according to day to the residence. This way you will should set up at least 20 250-watt panels for minimal use within the home. This wide variety is enough to run a water pump, fridge and a few lighting, in order to assist lessen your dependency on strength-grid strength. The extra the wide variety of panels installed, the extra strength green your home is. With sufficient solar panels, you’ll be able to sell the additional strength.


Step 2

Install batteries for the solar panels based totally for your decision whether or not to update your grid energy totally or in case you want to put in sun power that still makes use of grid strength. You do no longer need batteries if you are the usage of solar panels as backup electricity handiest. However, in case you are switching absolutely to the sun energy, you will ought to buy and installation batteries that store the sun electricity to be used at night time.

Step 3

Connect the solar panels either at once to a strength inverter after which join it to the house grid, or connect the inverter to the battery and then to the home electricity grid. This electricity inverter converts the solar electricity into strength this is consumable at home. Every panel on your roof uses direct present day (DC) and your property strength uses alternating cutting-edge (AC). The strength inverter converts DC into AC power.

Step 4

Connect the battery to the inverter. You will deploy the wiring from the battery to a circuit breaker and an electrical shunt. Now delivery DC cutting-edge into the inverter. The shunt and the circuit breaker will let the contemporary smash that allows you to prevent damage and overload. This way, the glide of strength is regulated.

Step 5

Connect the inverter to the AC fuse container in your property. You will see that the inverter has a chain of transformers and switches for converting DC to AC current. These provide electricity to the sockets and retailers in your home and as a result, your electronics and home equipment get electricity.

Step 6

Connect the AC generator to the electricity inverter to provide extra energy in case you run out of solar electricity or battery energy. Solar strength is unpredictable and you may run out of the saved solar power if there are several weeks of cloudy days. A backup source is critical for meeting power desires.


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