How to Fix a Leaky Toilet Tank


Fixing a leaky bathroom tank is a common plumbing restore that you could do yourself. Leaking lavatory tanks can be repaired with the aid of converting out the rubber gaskets across the tank bolts and the spud washing machine, that may go to pot and fail due to difficult water and minerals.For this mission you’ll need the following tools: a screwdriver, adjustable wrench, small twine brush, sponge, white vinegar, and rags. In addition, you’ll need to pick out up substitute tank bolt gaskets and a new spud washer.

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1.Turn off the water on the shutoff valve under the tank.
Turn the shutoff valve clockwise.

2.Drain the tank completely.
Flush the bathroom, and use a sponge to absorb any last water inside the tank.


3.Hold one of the tank bolt nuts.
You need to use the adjustable wrench to maintain the nut located on the underside of the tank bolt.

4.Unscrew the tank bolts with the screwdriver.
Use the screwdriver to loosen the tank bolt in the tank. Repeat the system to do away with the second one bolt.

5.Remove the tank from the bowl and lay it down.
You might want a helper for this step.

6.Remove the vintage spud washer.
If the washing machine received’t budge, strive the usage of an adjustable wrench to get it turning.

7.Insert the brand new spud washer.
Tighten the new spud washing machine over the spud nut.

8.Remove the bolts and gaskets, after which easy across the holes at the tank.
Use the twine brush to scrape off any of the vintage bolt gasket that may remain stuck to both the internal or the outdoor of the tank. You need a smooth surface for the new gasket to seat and seal well.

9.Place the brand new gasket onto each bolt.
Be positive that the gaskets are firmly seated onto the bolts.

10.Insert each bolt via the holes within the interior bottom of the tank and reinstall the nuts.
On the bottom of the tank, reinstall the nuts onto the bolts and gently tighten them with the aid of hand until they’re cushty.

11Replace the tank on the bowl.
Alternating facet to side, tighten the bolts and nuts (using the screwdriver and adjustable wrench) until the gaskets appear to be they’re seated.


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