How To Grow Ivy Gourd


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What is Ivy Gourd? Ivy gourd is a member of the cucumber family, and it’s fruit fairly resembles cucumber in flavor. The best difference is within the size of the end result–they are about two inches lengthy, a manner too smaller than the cucumbers. Young leaves of ivy gourd also are safe to eat and taken into consideration an amazing replacement of spinach in Thailand. It is native to the Indian subcontinent and generally grown as a vegetable in subtropical and tropical climates of South-East Asia, South Asia, and Africa.


This competitive grower is taknces, bushes, shrubs to some other helps inside its reach and in the long run smother them with its vigorous growth. In a favorable climate, it may be the easiest toen into consideration invasive: A declared weed in Western Australia, Florida, Hawaii, and Texas because it grows unexpectedly and covers the entirety up from fe develop vegetable and very efficient.

Botanical Name: Coccinia Grandis
Common Names: Baby watermelon, Little gourd, Tondli, Gentlemen’s Toes, Tindora, Kundru, Scarlet Gourd, Calabacita, Calabaza Hiedra, Coccinia Cordifolia, Coccinia Grandis, Coccinia Índica, Courge Écarlate, Kovai, Little Gourd, Tela Kucha, Tindola, Kowai fruit, Tondli, Tendli, Thai Spinach, Phak Khaep, Small Gourd

USDA Zones: 9/11, may be grown in region 7 and 8 with care

Size: Up to 13 meters tall (forty two toes) but may be maintained to 8-10 toes height

Soil pH: Prefers impartial, but tolerates slightly acidic to barely alkaline soil


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How To Grow Ivy Gourd
This perennial tropical vine is suitable for warm climatic situations. Humid climate is likewise useful for the overall growth. So, if you live nearby a seashore, you are in luck! It also can tolerate some cold, and dry weather. But gained’t continue to exist in extreme situations inclusive of ordinary heavy rainfalls and intense cold and frost.

Note: Ivy gourd has deep roots, and it might come again in spring after freezing in the bloodless, down to USDA Zone 7 while grown outside.

Ivy Gourd Varieties
Ivy gourd is in particular labeled from the advent of its fruit. Fruits with stripes come below striped Ivy. Plain skinned, green end result come below non-striped Ivy.

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Ivy Gourd Propagation
There are methods to propagate Ivy gourd, from seeds or cuttings:

Growing Ivy Gourd From Seeds
Buy the seeds on-line or just get a ripe, scarlet coloured tindora fruit to eliminate seeds from it for sowing. You can begin seeds anytime in case you live in a tropical or subtropical weather, besides height summers. If you’re growing ivy gourd from seeds in a fab climate, try this in spring and summer, whilst the weather is warm. The ideal germination temperature is among 60-eighty F (15-27 C).

Transplanting Seedlings
If you live in a warm climate, transplant seedlings while the temperature is finest, except for the hot summer. In cooler areas, anticipate the passage of the final frost to pass earlier than transplanting.

Choose a site that gets full solar. Till the soil nicely and upload loads of compost or properly-rotted manure at the planting web site.
Plant the younger flowers the way you commonly do. Each seedling should be sufficiently spaced aside.
Install a pole or trellis nearby the plant at the time of transplanting.
Drawbacks of Growing Ivy Gourd from Seeds
One of the foremost drawbacks of growing ivy gourd from seeds is it is able to no longer grow proper and start as a dioecious plant. In that case, it’s going to in no way fruit unless you develop a male and female plant together.
Ivy gourd grown from seeds takes time to start manufacturing. This vegetable vine might also take some other year to fruit.

Ivy Gourd Propagation from Cuttings
Propagation from cutting is extraordinary smooth and assures you that your ivy gourd will fruit, this is why it’s greater not unusual and a hit. All you need to do is take a semi-hardwood cutting from a wholesome stem of the self-fertile plant, which is about six-8 inches in length. Make sure which you cross for a sturdy reducing that’s properly trimmed.

Buy Ivy Gourd Plants
The maximum truthful manner it to locate ivy gourd plants for sale on-line or for your nearby nursery, buy and plant them.

Find a gap wherein it is able to receive complete solar. It might also grow well inside the partial colour as properly. In the initial level while the roots are organising, defend the plant from the afternoon sun. The plant may develop in the shade additionally but will not produce culmination.

Ivy gourd is a no call for vegetable vine that can even grow in negative and heavy soils. If growing on the floor, choose a little sandy soil rich in compost or manure. Avoid very poor drainage. Well-draining, free and porous soil blend is good whilst developing it in containers.

Water regularly as ivy gourd prefers moist soil over dry. During hot or windy climate and when the plant is young, preserve the soil flippantly wet.

Mixing a variety of compost or well-rotted manure at the time of planting will offer enough vitamins to plant. Also, facet dressing the plant with compost, a few times in a year will end the need of extra fertilizer.

Install a mountaineering frame, stake or pole close by the planting web site from the beginning, or it’ll locate the manner on its very own, trampling certainly one of your favored shrubs or masking the tree. The vine can grow very tall, in fact, big in case you do now not trim it. More than 13 meters (42 ft) tall. You can use it as a pergola plant as properly if you stay in a frost-free weather.


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