How to Grow Red Lady Papaya


Papaya shrubs (Carica papaya) are available two sorts: Hawaiian and Mexican. Hawaiian papayas yield pear-fashioned fruit that weigh approximately a pound, whilst Mexican papaya are formed extra like a soccer, measuring up to fifteen inches long and weighing as plenty as 10 kilos. At 3 to 4 pounds, the “Red Lady” papaya (Carica papaya “Red Lady”) is a high-yielding Mexican variety which can produce 50 to 120 fruits according to plant every season. A semi-dwarf variety, it grows 20 to 30 feet tall and prospers in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9a to 11.

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1.Plant “Red Lady” papaya shrubs in complete sun on a mound or slope towards a building that offers wind protection and pondered warmness. Papayas thrive in a light, nicely-drained soil this is moist in warm climate and dry in cooler temperatures. Space flowers eight to 10 ft aside if growing a couple of.

2.Water the shrub each other day or each day all through the freshest weather whilst no rain falls. Cut returned on watering in the course of cooler climate. Papaya flora are at risk of root rot, so thoroughly water the soil however don’t allow water pool around the plant.

3.Apply 1/4 pound of complete fertilizer each 14 days in the course of the developing season for papaya flowers more youthful than 7 months old. Apply 1 to two kilos of fertilizer each different month at some stage in the growing season for vegetation older than 7 months.

4.Plant papaya shrubs in smooth soil and not using a preceding nematode problems. The microscopic, worm-like organisms feed at the roots of plant life. Check close by vegetable and decorative flowers often for signs and symptoms of whitefly infestation, which first appears as small, white specks on the underside of leaves and quick spreads between flowers. Remove infested foliage, disposing of it within the trash, no longer in the compost pile. Avoid the usage of chemical pesticides, which have a tendency to kill beneficial insects inclusive of minute pirate bugs.

Things You Will Need
Complete fertilizer
Plastic sheet (optionally available)

Cover the “Red Lady” papaya plant with plastic to defend it from extra water in regions wherein it rains loads in the course of the wintry weather.
Papaya flowers should get replaced every 4 years to ensure the soil is wholesome and free of nematodes.


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