How to Install a Wall Mounted Fan


Step 1
Choose your top. This is absolutely a count number of private flavor, although you could need to do not forget elements such as air move, visible impact and youngsters’s protection when you are determining at what height you need a wall installed fan to be hung. Make a line with a pencil at the height you pick out as a reference point.

Step 2
Use an digital stud finder. This is a device that may discover the robust stanchions positioned interior your wall. These studs are by using far the most secure factor to hold your fan from–or some other shelf or cabinet for that count.


Step 3
Hang the fan via its mounting bracket. When you’ve got determined the studs at the peak you want to hold your fan connect the mounting bracket to the wall. The mounting bracket is attached to the wall fan, and you could mount it very really the use of strong screws and a electricity drill. When you’ve got installed the fan push and pull the fan firmly to ensure it’s miles securely in location on the wall.


Step 4
Plug the fan in. Once the fan has been screwed to the wall, it is a easy case of plugging the fan in. Ideally the fan will be hooked up near a plug socket, however maximum wall fanatics normally have a fairly prolonged plug cable. Use wire staples to lock the plug cable to the bottom of your wall if the plug socket is a ways away and you are aware of having wires trailing alongside the ground

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