How To Install Flooring Tiles


Vitrified tiles are broadly used as completing cloth for floors. These are ceramic tiles with extra proof against scratch, porosity. They are broadly used for all kind of indoor and outdoor flooring, wall cladding. Vast variety of textures, colorations available in market. Tiles play an vital position in aesthetics of any kind of shape.

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Step-1: Surface Preparation

Surface have to be nicely compacted and cured sufficiently to benefit big power to offer help. No wallet of free soil need to be left.

Step-2: Preparation Of Subgrade


Concrete subgrade should be unfastened from any free particle and overseas material.The floor need to be in SSD (Saturated Surface Dry) via water. Level pads for finished ground need to be marked , and uniformly unfold ,thinking about required slope ( in case of bathroom/Terrace . Ground tiles)

Step-3: Laying Of Tiles On The Surface

Mortar bedding of (30-forty) mm is ready with ratio of 1:eight (cement:sand) lean aggregate. Avoid rich blend proportions

Cement slurry have to be spread at the floor at 3 kg/sq.M approximately

Using reference strains, tiles are placed in line, level is checked and right angle is maintained for the duration of

Use dot factors to check the tiling accuracy

Tiles close to wall are supposed to be located 12 mm faraway from wall for skirting

After laying tile, it must be levelled by using light tamping with wooden mallet.

Step-4: Post Tiling Work

When the floor dries, ground need to be wiped clean very well. After curing for 3 days (keep away from useless foot movements) , cover the tile floors with bubble sheet/POP Sheet to avoid any scratched. As we approach possession of unit .Grout of coloration matching to the tile or white cement is crammed the tile joints
Washing and cleaning of finished ground after absolutely drying.


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