How to make a gypsum board decoration in the form of a beehive with paint and lighting


In this ever-converting international, every design is changing. Interior designers have evolved in a more particular way to emphasise the splendor of the ceilings. Gypsum board fake ceilings assist to broaden the beauty of your roof uniquely. Try these lovely gypsum board false ceiling designs thoughts in your home to make a difference.

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Circular fake ceilings

If you want to decorate any a part of the roof then do this round fake ceiling. With the fake ceiling, you could mild up the complete roof very superbly. Interior decorators paintings as architects here via designing your room innovatively.


Decorate with flower petals

Flower petal-shaped false ceilings create a lovely layout over your ceiling. You can grasp beautiful lights from the middle of the petals. Try a couple of flower if you’re going for small vegetation. You can color the petals of the flower in distinct colorations.

Try the lighting fixtures in the ceiling

The motive is to decorate the ceiling as much as you could. At first the ceilings create a visual impression, after which the lighting fixtures create an illusion. You can set up the LED strips in between the gaps of the fake ceiling to make it look more convincing.

Effective use of the spotlights

Spotlights of various shades can mild up your room very uniquely. The comparison of colors can spotlight the fake ceiling and on the equal time it is able to highlight the space. You can install white lighting also on your white false ceiling.

Wooden fake ceiling in combination with paints

You’re searching out the fake ceiling ideas to create some thing innovative. This fake ceiling concept will growth the level of your expectations. Install the wood primarily based fake ceiling with a mixture of other paints. The complete false ceiling would get divided into squares. In one rectangular, it’d be a fake wood ceiling and in every other the fake ceiling will get painted.


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