How to make battery charger in old emergency


My dad gave me this dead battery after he update his motorcycle battery. This battery is one hundred% dead. When I connect a ten ohm resistor, voltage droped from 7.6V all the way down to underneath 1V and modern is 10mA.

Firstly I need to clear the terrible terminnal as it rusted. I use WD-forty and RP7 however it simply unfastened out a chunk. Then with the help of a dremel, I can reduce the bolt out.


Then I open the cover to fill water into the battery the usage of a cylinder. The battery is dried so it take in lots of water, and takes long term. After that I recharge the battery. It takes few hours to price it up until it got 12,5V stay after disconnected. I take a look at with a resistor and it indicates the battery is labored.
An high energy 10W LED (or two if the battery is powerful enough)
Soldering tin
A switch
Some cord
Hot glue gun
Cable stripper
And soldering iron
LED attention len is optional
Trim the isolation of the wire, wrap the wire around battery’s terminal and solder it. My battery terrible terminal is a chunk damged however no problem. After solder, take a look at with a multimeter.
Solder the LED and the switch. Look careful its terminal.


Turn on to test
Twist the twine and apply warm glue to the LED and wires to relaxed it.
The warm glue used to comfy the LED chip, also take in warmness from the chip. The cool aspect is this LED works with voltage between 9V to 12V so it nonetheless work even when the battery is going for walks out.
The battery has a brand new existence from now. Althought it now not as desirable as new one however I can use it as an emergency light. I leave it on after a night but nonetheless full charge. The battery is completely suit-in-the-container and store a few space.

It does not have a fancy look however it make me sense appropriate
I create a new element which display in the image. New part is parallel with the transfer to paintings independently. It make this mild is glow while it get dark. It’s superb for lawn light and completely automated.

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