How to make handmade Doormat with old clothes


This one is a old clothes that’s worn across the waist. It cannot be worn any more because of the huge tear in it.
How to make handmade Doormat with old clothes. Watch this video. for more videos subscribe now: Malus tailoring class in Sharjah


First cut and open the cloth. It can be approximately 6 feet long after reducing. The width is set four feet.
Cut 3 inch extensive strips from it. You can cut about 12 strips of 6 toes long every from this material


Take three strips in hand and tie them together at one give up
Insert all three tied quit of strips within the door or window grill

Tightly braid the three strips of cloth starting from the tied give up. It is equal as braiding hair
You can upload any other strip in the braid whilst the duration of strip being braided reaches the cease
After the usage of all 12 strips you’ll have a 20 feet long braided length of cord

Trim the excess duration of strip at stop
Using a needle and thread, sew the ends of all three strips in the braid collectively
Cut the ends tied with window grill and stitch that ends also collectively

Starting from one stop, roll the braided coil in circles to form the mat
Using a needle with dark colored yarn, sew the roll constantly with adjoining circle whilst rolling

Continue to roll the coil as well maintain stitching the rolled mat with the adjacent coil
Once you completed rolling of all 20 ft lengthy coil, sew the give up with the mat and end


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