how to make pvc stopper/end cap at home


Sometimes a plumber will cap off a PVC water pipe in anticipation of a future addition, along with a faucet or a continuation of the line. When the time comes for that addition and you need to cast off the cap, forget approximately dissolving the glue. PVC cement absolutely fuses collectively the two pieces of plastic it joins. The simplest way to remove the cap is to cut it off; with any luck the plumber who set up it left enough room so one can try this simply.

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1.Turn off the water to the capped-off pipe. If you can not discover a extra handy place to do it, flip off the principle water deliver for the house. It’s commonly next to the water meter.

2.Look for a faucet connected to the water line and open it. Even if the faucet is above the cap, it will relieve pressure enough to save you the water from spraying out while you cut the pipe. Some water will nonetheless spill out, although, and you can want to catch it in a bucket.

3.Align a hacksaw with the threshold of the cap and location it at the pipe as close to the cap as viable. Saw via the pipe with a fair movement, as in case you have been sawing via wood.

4.Remove the cap and allow the water drain. De-burr the rims of the pipe with a hundred and twenty-grit wet/dry sandpaper in coaching for gluing on a brand new becoming.

Things You Will Need
one hundred twenty-grit moist/dry sandpaper

Occasionally, someone will glue a cap so close to every other becoming that there may be no uncovered pipe between them. In this situation, extending the pipe might also contain slicing off the proper at the side of the cap and replacing the best.
After you cut off the cap, throw it away. It can not be recycled.


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