How To Make Remote Control Gate System


Automatic Railway Gate Control System is a easy however very useful undertaking, which assistance is robotically establishing and closing the railway gate upon detecting arrival or departure of the train.

In general, Railway gates are opened or closed manually with the aid of a gate keeper. The records approximately arrival of train for commencing or last of door is obtained from close by station. But a few railway crossings are totally unmanned and many railway injuries occur at these unmanned level crossings.


To keep away from the human intervention at stage crossings absolutely, we need to automate the system of railway gate manipulate.

We have two specific Automatic Railway Gate Control circuits mentioned in this text: using 8051 and AVR.


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The precept of operation at the back of the running of this mission lies within the functioning of IR Sensor. A Reflective kind IR Sensor is used on this assignment.

In Reflective Type IR Sensor, the IR transmitter and receiver are positioned aspect by means of aspect. When there’s no impediment in front of the sensor, the IR rays transmitted with the aid of the IR Transmitter will journey undetected as there aren’t any rays falling at the IR Receiver.

If there is an obstacle in front of the IR Transmitter and Receiver pair, the IR Rays receives reflected off from the floor of the impediment and are incident on the IR Receiver.

This setup may be configured to come across an object like a Train and in turn may be used to replace ON or OFF the masses like cars with the assist of microcontroller.


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