Are your flooring in want of a good scrub? Does the smell of your rest room leave you gasping for air? Are you in need of possibly the best mop ever made? If you responded yes to these questions, you then want “The Best Mop In The World”.In the shops they sell those Vileda mops. In my opinion they’re simply tissue on a stick, plus they put on out right away at all. With this mop, it will last for all time, and may be made with element to be determined across the house. But enough communicate, allow’s begin.

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Step 1: What You’ll Need to Make the Mop
a) an vintage bathtub towel (make sure you don’t break up your Mum’s high-quality linen)

b) a couple of scissors (sharp ones are high-quality)

c) 4 cable ties

d) an old broom stick (steel is proven, but timber ones paintings better)

Step 2: Cutting the Towel
a) Lay out your towel on the ground.


B) Take your scissors, and reduce off the hems of the towel (positioned them to at least one side, you will want them later).

C) Take the towel and reduce it down the middle.

D) Take every 1/2 and cut them into strips as proven.

Step 3: Attaching the Mop Head to the Mop Stick
a) Lay the strips of towel barely overlapping every different.

B) Lay the cease of the mop stick on top of the overlapping strips as proven.

C) Roll up the mop stick within the strips of towel and tie them off certainly tightly the usage of one of the cable ties (ensure it’s far tight).

Step 4: Putting the Finishing Touches to Your Mop
a) Now that the strips are tightly secured, flip over the mop in order that the strips are striking down.

B) Take the opposite cable tie, and tie it around the opposite of the alternative cable tie.

C) Snip off the give up of the cable tie, earlier than taking the hem and masking up the cable tie.

D) Hold the mop up the proper manner and supply it a good shake.

Step 5: Get Ready to Mop
Now, discover a sexy guy with sturdy hands and get him to mop the region for you.This durable mop ought to closing at the least 5 instances as long as any of these crap mops you buy within the grocery store, and you will be enjoying a clean house simply as long!.

Step 6: AFTERTHOUGHTS: Mods to Make the Mop Stronger.
The first time I made this, I had a hassle with the mop head coming off, so take a glance below at a number of the mods that I even have made.

A) Be positive to apply a wooden mop stick. At the quit of the mop stick, reduce 5 grooves as proven.

B) This time wrap the strips across the stick and this time cozy with wire as shown.

With these modifications, you could flip your mop from a one year mop to one hundred 12 months mop.


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