How to Measure Granite Kitchen Countertops


When it comes to kitchen counter area, greater is better–specially when those counters are protected in granite. This is why figuring out exactly how a whole lot counterspace your kitchen can deal with is so important.

Accurately measuring granite counter tops permits you to maximise your kitchen’s rectangular pictures to make sure that you have sufficient area to prep and put together meals, do homework and accumulate with friends and own family for terrific conversations.


And at the same time as it would seem like measuring granite countertops is a honest manner related to the primary mathematical precept of duration times width, it could get a little tricky whilst your space requires specialized cuts and curves.

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Step One:
Take measurements of the entire period of each countertop you want covered in granite.

Step Two:
Make sure you measure in inches, and multiply the period by using 25.Five inches on account that ordinary cabinets are 24 inches and also you’ll need a 1.5-inch granite overhang.

Step Three:
Divide the determine you get through performing the steps above with the aid of one hundred forty four. This will reveal the square photos you’ll need to cowl in granite.

Step Four:
Factor in the backsplash, that is executed via multiplying the duration along the wall wherein the backsplash will with the aid of via 4 inches and then dividing that range via a hundred and forty four.

Step Five:
Repeat this process for all sections of your counters–from the region that surrounds the sink to the smaller elements by way of the appliances to the island–and then including all of the figures together.

Once you’ve finished all five of the steps indexed above, you’ll recognise with precision how lots granite it’ll take to cowl your cabinets with granite. Of path, if you have areas of your kitchen with atypical angles or curves, or if you want to create a custom-made countertop that calls for extra overhang or other improvements, you may want to are trying to find a few help measuring your counters.


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