How to prepare your floor before putting in laminate floors


Laminate is an cheap and attractive choice for upgrading your own home’s flooring. It is available in distinctive textures and colors to fit your interior décor, plus it’s far long lasting and clean to keep.

You can install laminate floors in most rooms in your private home but it is not recommended to put this kind of floors in toilets and laundry rooms as they commonly have a excessive moisture degree that makes the laminate extra prone to harm.

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Proper instruction of the present floor is vital for ensuring ideal installation of your laminate flooring. Below is a step-through-step guide on the way to prepare your floor earlier than installing laminate floors. This manual covers the following sections:

Check moisture ranges
Level the ground
Undercut door trims and door jambs
Clean the ground
Lay a moisture barrier
Acclimate the laminate floors to the room wherein it will likely be hooked up

Check the moisture levels
Since the inner middle of laminate floors is made from timber, it’s miles critical to ensure moisture tiers of your sub-ground are low. This is due to the fact if any moisture comes into touch with the wooden core of the laminate planks, whether or not through splitting or cracks, then it will motive the middle to make bigger, inflicting the laminate flooring to warp. A moisture-weighted down subfloor will make the laminate floors prone to this sort of harm. To make certain you don’t issue your new laminate flooring to these situations, you will want to check your sub-ground for any moisture; your laminate producer must provide moisture testing standards to be able to consult with.


If you have a concrete subfloor, you can check the moisture tiers with a “sheet take a look at”. All you will need is some duct tape and plastic sheeting, that you want to cut into a 60x60cm rectangular. Make certain that the concrete in which you must vicinity the plastic is free of any standing water or puddles as this will skew your take a look at outcomes.

Next, adhere the plastic firmly to the concrete with the duct tape and firmly press down all facets of the tape to save you any moisture from escaping.

After forty eight hours, take a look at the plastic to see if any moisture has beaded up at the interior of the plastic.

If you have got a wooden sub-ground, you can effortlessly take a look at the moisture stages of your sub-ground with a moisture meter to degree moisture stages, you could choose those up at most hardware shops, for round $50 the maximum commonplace and easiest to use ones are virtual ‘pinless’ ones that use direct touch electrodes to degree moisture tiers. Pay eager attention to the corners of the residence and regions that have ground drains as they are possibly to have better moisture levels.

Alternatively, in case you are uncertain of your results, you may usually have a expert test these levels for you. It’s better to be secure than soggy!!

Level the floor
Use a level to determine whether or not the ground is stage. The laminate will now not in shape perfectly if the ground is uneven. Fill any dips when you have concrete floor with concrete leveller or use a concrete grinder to flatten out any excessive spots and when you have a wooden floor, make certain to firmly cozy any loose forums and if there are any protruding screw heads and nails, screw them down to be on the same levels because the relaxation of the ground. Even out any excessive spots with a timber planer or hand sander and be sure to test the spot with your stage periodically, to make sure you don’t over-accurate. If your timber floors is particularly uneven or damaged, then you can want to call in a carpenter to adopt the correction and restore.

Undercut door trims and door jambs
Determine whether there can be sufficient area for the doors to open after you install the new flooring. If no longer, trim the door and door jambs to house the raised ground stage.

Clean the ground
Dust and dirt might also cause unevenness at the laminate flooring and in a few cases, it can purpose a clicking sound once the new flooring is set up. Use a broom or a vacuum purifier to thoroughly easy the subfloor.

Lay a moisture barrier
If you’re putting in the laminate on top of concrete floor or every other subfloor this is prone to moisture, lay a moisture barrier on top of the subfloor before putting in the laminate to protect it from moisture harm. It additionally provides greater insulation at the flooring making it secure to stroll on. You may additionally deploy an underlay at the subfloor to function a moisture barrier in case your laminate planks do not come with it.

Acclimate the laminate floors to the room in which it is going to be hooked up.
Whenever you install new laminate flooring, you want to acclimate it to its new environment in order that it could alter to the brand new moisture and temperature situations. Skipping this step may also imply that your emblem-new laminate will reduce or enlarge and deform after installation because it adjusts to new moisture ranges and temperature.

Leave the laminate flooring inside the rooms that it will likely be set up for 48-seventy two hours is suggested for most brands of laminate but always observe manufacturer’s commands. This essential step will allow your new laminate it to acclimate to the temperature and humidity ranges of the room and ensures an ideal in shape at the subfloor.

Once you’ve got made the arrangements above, take a look at your laminate floors guide for any other producer’s education recommendations and enforce those too.

Your room is now prepared for the next step… installation!

Adhering to these steps will imply that your laminate will pass on flawlessly and will have a lovely finish. If you’ve got any questions on laminate or you would really like to organise certainly one of our expert Parrys Carpets group member to install your flooring, get in contact with a laminate expert nowadays.


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