how to select perfect bedsheet


Cotton – it’s really easy to find sheets that are made out of cotton, and it’s so popular for a number of reasons. Cotton does a great job staying cool, even during the hot summer months, is easy to wash and to care for, gets softer as time goes on, and is breathable. One of the main reasons that a lot of people opt for cotton sheets is that they are so durable and can be thrown into the washing machine at home without any hesitation. Cotton in general is a very forgiving fabric, and stains usually can be washed out of it without any problems.

Linen – Made from the flax plant, linen has been around for a long time and is becoming more popular as a material for sheets. These sheets are anti-allergic, help people with skin diseases, and ensure that children are safe when they are sleeping. They allow a lot of air flow through the fabric, so you don’t have to worry about getting overheated or uncomfortable during the night. Each washing of linen sheets makes them even softer and shinier and they hold up very well over the years. One problem that some people have with linen sheets is that they stay wrinkled, but as long as the bed is made you will not be able to see this.


Flannel – when you are going to be dealing with really cold nights during the winter. Actually made of cotton that has been fluffed to be softer, and to allow it to have a deeper pile, flannel does a great job trapping body heat. This makes it ideal for cold nights, as it will allow you to stay warmer than other types of sheets. While you may be used to looking at thread count when comparing sheets, flannel sheets are compared in ounces/square yards. While you can sometimes find flannel sheets all year long, it’s going to be more popular and easier to buy in local stores as winter and the holidays approach.


Silk – Silk sheets have long been considered the most luxurious option available. They are incredibly cool and sensuous and many people love the way they feel. Because they are naturally hypoallergenic, they are a great option for anyone who suffers from allergies throughout the year, as they will help make the bed a more comfortable place to sleep. They do tend to be much more expensive than other kinds of sheets because they are made from a fiber produced by silkworms, and require more delicate care. While some people love their silk sheets, others find them a little difficult and slippery to sleep on.

Polyester- Polyester is generally not used by itself for sheets but is combined with another fabric, such as cotton, to create sheets that are budget friendly. When you buy polyester sheets it’s important to remember that by itself it is very scratchy and stiff, and doesn’t tend to be nearly as comfortable to sleep on as other types of material.

Microfiber- This type of material is simply, polyester that has been woven very finely. These sheets are a lot softer than plain polyester sheets are but not nearly as breathable as cotton sheets, so they can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep if it is warm in your room or you tend to get hot during the night. They are very durable and can stand up to stains, making them a great choice if you like to eat in bed or have a child who is very messy.

Bamboo – What most people don’t know is that bamboo sheets are often actually made of rayon. This means that instead of being rough and stiff the way that bamboo would be when made into fabric, it has gone through a process that dissolves the pulp, turns it back into a solid, and then spins it into a thread. This involves very harmful chemicals, and while there are no traces of these chemicals when the sheets are finished, it is not a very environmentally-friendly process. The resulting fabric is silky and soft, durable, and breathes like cotton, giving people the best of both silk and cotton sheets without the crazy price tag that is so common with silk.

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