how to take print (photocopy) without printer only use candle


Attach tissue paper to printer paper. Line the edges of a sheet of printer paper with glue, then press a sheet of tissue paper at once on top. Let dry.
Use a glue stick or a completely light, thin line of glue. Tape could also work.
The tissue paper wishes to paste firmly to the printer paper, but if the glue is too thick, your printer won’t be able to feed it thru properly.
Print the picture out. Place the tissue paper structure in your printer, then print out the image you need to use. Make positive that the picture prints onto the tissue paper, no longer the everyday paper.
You additionally want to make certain that the picture is sized for this reason earlier than you print it. Resize the photo the usage of a photograph modifying or phrase processing program to be able to suit onto the candle with out issue.
Set the printer paper homes to a “transparency movie” placing for exceptional outcomes.
Trim the image to length. Use scissors to cut away as a whole lot extra paper from across the border of the picture as possible.
During this step, the tissue paper have to additionally be free of the pc paper. Dispose of or recycle the printer paper. Keep only the inked tissue paper for this task.
Some border can be helpful because it makes the photograph less complicated to maintain and maneuver, but this border should nevertheless be as thin as feasible.

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Place the photo on the candle. Press the picture towards the facet of the candle at the location you want it.
Usually, there will be sufficient static to help hold the tissue paper in vicinity. If the photo does no longer stay nevertheless on its personal, but, you could follow a completely small dab of glue to the corners before pressing it onto the candle.
The photograph need to be ink-side out while you region it at the candle.

Wrap wax paper across the candle. Wrap a sheet of wax paper around the candle. Keep it flush towards the sides of the candle, and preserve it in vicinity from the again (the facet contrary the photo).
The wax paper makes it simpler to keep the form of the candle. It also protects your hands from excessive, direct warmth.
Make certain that the waxed aspect of the wax paper faces closer to the candle.

Heat the entire shape. Use a handheld embossing tool or warmth gun to blow warm air onto the picture for numerous mins. When the ink starts offevolved to show via the wax paper more actually, turn off the heat.
Keep the warmth gun shifting so that the whole photograph transfers onto the candle evenly.
The wax on the wax paper must melt, sandwiching the photo in between the wax of the candle and the melted wax of the wax paper.
If you do not have a warmness gun or embossing device, use a robust hair dryer or cautiously hold the photograph-aspect of the candle over the new eye of a stove.

Peel away the wax paper. Carefully peel away the wax paper from the candle. If achieved right, the image must continue to be at the candle.
If there are any portions of wax sticking up in a while, wait till they cool and gently pat them down or wipe them away.
This completes the mission.


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