How to Unscrew a Screw Without a Screwdriver: 4 (Mostly) Easy Ways


I will assume that considering you are trying to unscrew a screw without a screwdriver, you’re in a hurry. That you don’t have the time to buy a screwdriver.If that’s now not the case, and you’ve got the time, then without a doubt head over to Amazon or on your local hardware keep and get your self a screwdriver set. There are some very cheap ones and having one will prevent a lot of time and frustration.If you determined yourself right here because you stripped a screw and it cannot be eliminated with a screwdriver anymore, then read this text rather.Anyways, going back to the primary case, underneath are 5 ways wherein you could try to put off your screw right now.

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5 Ways to Unscrew a Screw If You Don’t Have the Time to Buy a Screwdriver
Most of the techniques beneath use regular gadgets. As such, you need to be able to try them pretty effortlessly. However, the consequences you may get will depend on the form of screw you are attempting to unscrew, as well as on how difficult it is tightened, and so forth.

1. Use a Table Knife
Chances are which you’ve encountered this trick earlier than. After all, it should be about as antique as screws and knives themselves.

Just take a desk knife out of your drawer, and use its tip as a screwdriver. One factor to preserve in mind is that you need to keep away from knives with pointy suggestions and use one with a spherical tip rather.


This method works well with both slotted and Philips screws which might be big sufficient to deal with the knife.

2. Use a Coin or a Credit Card
Considering how thick cash and credit playing cards are, this trick gained’t be beneficial while seeking to do away with a small screw. It won’t work nicely with screws that don’t have a easy, slotted head.

For large screws, although, it might work simply exceptional. At the same time, using coins and credit cards is the maximum beneficial whilst operating with screws designed for use that manner.

Some examples of these consist of digital camera tripod screws, screws on toy and different battery covers, and so forth.

3. Use a Rubber Band
Just like whilst extracting broken screws, the usage of rubber bands may be helpful whilst trying to cast off a screw without the proper tool.

Placing a rubber band – preferably the one that within reason extensive – will create a surface with greater friction than the screw itself. While you may then strive turning the screw with your finger, you will be better off combining this approach with one of the two above.

A combination of a rubber band and a table knife will work the satisfactory in most instances when the knife through itself doesn’t work.

4. Use Pliers
While chances which you have pliers if you don’t have a screwdriver are slim, I’m going to consist of this in the listing.

In maximum cases, this method will no longer paintings as the screw head might be flush with or barely above the floor of some thing it’s far screwed into. And as such, you received’t be able to get a grip on it with pliers.

However, in case you manifest to have pliers at domestic and your screw is protruding a truthful amount, then this will very probably be your nice bet.

5. Use Your Nail
Finally, in case you are in a state of affairs where you don’t have any of the gadgets required with the strategies above, you could try the use of your nail.

To begin with, you may need to have a protracted sufficient nail. Also, the screw will should be pretty unfastened initially.

I don’t endorse trying this method until you truely have to. Should you move for it, be very careful not to interrupt your nail.


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