I made a coronavirus mask for my 76-year-old mom out of a sock. Here’s how


I don’t really want a coronavirus masks proper now. I’m sheltering in location, working from home and feeding my family as if I’m on a one-woman episode of “Chopped.” I yank a mystery item out of the returned of the freezer and flip it into dinner.But I want masks to help guard me, my husband and my 76-12 months-antique mother (who lives with us) from COVID-19 while we cross out of doors.Good good fortune finding masks, although, because the coronavirus pandemic drags on, and as greater professionals inform us that protecting up with something is better than not anything.So I decided to make our own coronavirus mask — no stitching involved.

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The first few efforts were flops. I attempted a bandanna, but we couldn’t actually breathe via it. I also tried an antique silky headscarf however I felt lousy approximately cutting it up. And as we determined, we needed to make that model uncomfortably tight to hold it from sliding down our faces.


Both may want to work in an emergency, however they weren’t sensible answers to the problem to hand: what we could reasonably put on on the rare events that we had to exit. And by way of uncommon activities, I imply going to the pharmacy at Ralph’s to choose up my mom’s blood-pressure medicinal drug. Or that CVS run I still want to make for some hair dye to touch up my roots.

Before I display you the top notch smooth steps for a sock mask, I know it received’t win any fashion awards. It most definitely is not better than the N95 mask famous through docs and first responders. And I know it’s likely no longer going to save us if we’re surrounded via COVID-19 sufferers who all decide to concurrently cough and sneeze on us. But some thing is higher than not anything. And this sock masks will hold us from getting dying stares for displaying up without one at my nearby grocery store, where more customers than not appear to be sporting them. (Starting Friday in L.A., you’re required to put on a masks, bandanna or every other form of overlaying over your mouth and nose at critical companies together with grocery shops and pharmacies.)By the manner, the pleasant aspect I found out sporting my DIY face mask: It stopped me from touching my face a lot. Here’s a way to do it.

Step 1
Choose a protracted sock to sacrifice. You want something with some duration because it needs to stretch, the lengthy manner, throughout your face. You need some thing with a view to feel at ease for your pores and skin. And you want a breathable fabric. So maybe now not a scratchy, heavy wool sock. For me, a cotton-y get dressed sock or gymnasium sock worked quality. This is probably a amazing use for a couple of old stretched-out socks that gained’t stay up however are still taking over space in the sock drawer.

Step 2
Cut two strips — approximately three/four of an inch to an inch wide — off the open cease. These will become your ear straps. The strips would possibly fray. Who cares.

Step 3
Cut open the frame of the sock, lengthwise, along the returned seam, so that you cut through the heel. Lay it open on your paintings surface. I recognise we’re now not presupposed to care approximately appears, but I laid out the sock with the outside facing down. Why? So it will look nicer with the out of doors of the sock dealing with out whilst you are finished.

Step 4
Slide on the ear straps, one on every quit. Aim for approximately 2-three inches from the give up. You can alter as needed.

Step 5
Now, fold the ends of the sock in the direction of the center. While holding those flaps in vicinity, put the mask on, using the loops to comfy it round your ears.

Step 6
Here’s where you could want to make an adjustment. You want it cushty sufficient that it stays on, but now not so tight that the loops pop off your ears. If you like the manner it fits, you would possibly need to use safety pins to preserve the flaps in place — or to maintain your ear straps from getting misplaced.
Now that you recognise the basics, you may improvise using other gadgets in your property along with a gentle antique T-shirt and a few hair bands. Here’s my mother modeling hers. I’m not doing any modeling till I hit up CVS.


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