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A house plan is a hard and fast of production or running drawings (occasionally called blueprints) that outline all the production specs of a residential house along with the dimensions, substances, layouts, set up strategies and strategies.

Site plans are drawn to reveal the region of a home at the assets in its context. It is an overhead view of the development website and the home as it sits in connection with the limits of the lot. Site plans need to outline vicinity of application offerings, setback requirements, easements, location of driveways and walkways, and from time to time even topographical data that specifies the slope of the terrain.


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A floor plan is an overhead view of the completed house. On the plan, you will see parallel lines that scale at anything width the partitions are required to be. Dimensions are normally drawn between the walls to specify room sizes and wall lengths. Floor plans will even suggest rooms, all the doorways and windows and any built-in elements, inclusive of plumbing fixtures, shelves, water warmers, furnaces, and many others. Floor plans will include notes to specify finishes, production strategies, or symbols for electrical items.


Elevations are a non-perspective view of the home. These are drawn to scale in order that measurements may be taken for any thing important. Plans encompass the front, rear and both facet elevations. The elevations specify ridge heights, the location of the very last fall of the land, outdoors finishes, roof pitches and other info which can be important to present the house its outside architectural styling.

A section cuts through the living and the vicinity of this ‘cut via’ is mentioned at the floor plan. It describes how the building can be constructed and discusses how the inner finishes are to appearance. Sections are used because they provide an explanation for positive situations in greater element. These situations may encompass ceiling top, ceiling kind (flat or vault), and window and door dimensions.

Foundation plan, which includes dimensions and locations for footings.
Framing plan, for wall, inclusive of the dimensions of the lumber for use – typically 2×4 or 2×6.
The Sub-floor Plan offers information of how this region can be constructed and the way offerings could be organized.
Roof plans, which include kind, pitch and framing.
Interior elevation drawings (indoors partitions).
Detail drawings, which include integrated shelving, moldings, and columns.
Schedules for elements together with windows and doors.
Structural layouts.

Electrical and telecoms drawings: show locations of all the outlets, TV sockets, switches and fixtures. Also indicates which switches perform which lights, and where the electrical traces must be run,.
Plumbing schematic drawing: plumbing fixtures and piping.

Lines and logos
House plans use the subsequent traces and emblems to deliver the connection between items:

Dimension lines, which consist of a solid line with a mark at both quit; space between the 2 marks equals the space mentioned subsequent to the line.
Wall, thick solid strains among rooms are used to suggest a wall.
Partial height wall, a low wall that doesn’t enlarge all of the way as much as the ceiling.
Thin strong lines are used for built-in systems (such as shelves, bookshelves, or plumbing fixtures).
Thin dotted traces indicate overhead functions, including wall cabinets in a kitchen or a unique ceiling treatment or an archway within the residing room.
North arrow
Door swing
Bifold doorways
Passage (hinged) doors
Sliding glass door
French door
Window, small breaks among exterior walls often suggest a window
Toilet, often indicated as a circle adjoining to a rectangle within the toilet
Bathtub, frequently indicated as a big oval or rectangle when indicating a bath/bathe mixture
Shower, a square or rectangular shape with an X strolling via it
Bathroom sink, a rectangle with an oval and a dot in the middle if it’s far a unmarried arrogance.
Kitchen sink
Kitchen variety
Spaces and rooms
Main article: Room
House plans commonly encompass the following capabilities, relying on the scale and sort of house:

Open floor plan
Main article: Open plan
An open ground plan is one that values huge, unenclosed areas. They are made viable by curtain wall technology, engineered lumber and truss structures, and thoughtful structural layout which allow for large clean-spans than formerly feasible in residential creation.

An open ground plan limits or excludes walls separating the primary dwelling areas of the house (dwelling room, dining room, kitchen) to permit for enjoyable or interplay among own family.


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