KSEB Bill calculator app


This app is for KSEB domestic consumers to know their bill amount.

Enter the previous bill meter reading and current meter reading and it will show the amount till now. It will also calculate the average usage per day and show the estimated bill amount for next bill.


Links to pay KSEB bill online and view last KSEB bill is also given.


ShaPlus KSEB Bill Calculator allows consumers to estimate their annual electricity cost in a straightforward way. After you pay your monthly bills for a while it’s normal to ask: how much does electricity cost? By simply entering a few values in this electricity calculator will save yourself time and effort as well as getting a precise answer to the question. It well help you calculate, for example, the money you would save if you switched to LED bulbs. You might also want to check out our electricity cost.

How does the ShaPlus KSEB Bill CalculatorĀ  work?

It’s rather simple. If you know the value for power consumption, energy price and usage time, the calculator will automatically display how much power you consume per day and generate the exact annual price for electricity. You can also change the units at will (for example change days to months or watts to kilowatts).

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