Low Cost Interlocking Brick House


The creation approach using interlocking bricks is gaining reputation because it notably reduces the amount of constructing substances, fee of construction and the time taken to complete the construction. One of the maximum remarkable blessings of the interlocking bricks is that they’ve vibrant outer surfaces which do now not require cement plastering. Putty may be without delay carried out over it after which completed off with paint. It enables reduce the fee of creation of the walls as much as 30% to 40%. These bricks are as sturdy because the ordinary dust blocks or the laterite stones and may undergo big weight as nicely. So, it may be used to build load bearing walls or multistoried homes.

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Interlock dust bricks


Interlock bricks or compressed soil earth blocks are made the usage of sand, cement and a special form of adhesive. The sand is first powdered in a crusher after which combined with three% cement with the help of a mixing system. This aggregate is then was blocks of precise measurements the use of a hydraulic press gadget.

These blocks have an earthy tone which looks outstanding after applying a coat of terracotta colored paint. It is higher to use water-resistant paint at the outer partitions. The interlock blocks can be used to build the boundary wall as well. Applying a thin concrete layer above it’d growth its electricity and prevent the rain water from seeping in.

Concrete interlock block

Concrete interlock blocks, in light gray shade, have bright outer surface. Putty might be implemented most effective in the joints at the outer partitions and end off with a coat of paint. There isn’t any need to plaster the internal walls as nicely; rather, putty could be carried out and then painted. As channels might be made the usage of an electric powered cutter, those blocks are suitable for concealed wiring and plumbing. It is higher to drill and insert screws in preference to hitting nails into it.

Fly ash interlock blocks

Fly ash interlock blocks are made via reusing fly ash, that’s an commercial waste. So, it can easily be called an green constructing cloth. Besides, these are less expensive than other production substances. There is no need to plaster the partitions constructed the usage of these blocks as they have got a clean outer surface. Channels will be made using electric cutters for concealed wiring and plumbing. Putty may be carried out on the joints and then painted. These blocks are detachable and may be transported to a special place. Besides, a brand new house in unique design could be constructed the usage of the equal blocks.


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