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Application name-Photo Fantasy Editor
source-May – play store

May is a tremendous ikon editor app that adds color to your invaluable reminiscences. It will produce distinctive mixing effects along with your photos. could uses double exposure filters to mix 2 photos into one nice image. could may be a icon liquidizer capable of manufacturing a painting like pics.


Editing icons with could square measure super simple and you may love it’s photo mixing filters. could uses oil painting to make photographic masterpieces. May-ed photos square measure insanely stunning and unreal. Photos endure color sweetening to make a fantasy impact.


May’s icon editor cover version will management filter opacity, intensity & color saturation. you’ll be able to conjointly use skin glow to form selfies additional stunning. could has stunning icon filters like snap chat and its oil painting ikon effects square measure a treat to the attention. Besides having the ability to try and do oil painting, could may also act as a photograph liquidizer.

Take artistic photos victimisation May’s selfie camera. you’ll be able to produce superb cartoon sketch effects from photos during a gallery. By adjusting color saturation, get pencil sketch/drawing effect. Convert icon into dream world art victimisation cartoon the icon editor possibility. Also, flip selfie icon into oil painting artworks for gratis. Apply different icon art effects to images from a camera. Live filters are automatically applied to the saved ikon. in contrast to the prism, could allows you to strive variations of every design with the remix possibility. editing photos have not been this easy; add a photograph, choose a control, create changes and save.

You can take a photo or add a picture from the gallery. alter the photograph and crop to the square before applying fantasy filters. could has a collection of impressive double exposure effects like sky mountain, bokeh nights. different effects include starlit sky, flaming forests, living ocean and vivacious seas. we have a tendency to add new double exposure frames weekly. Share my photo victimisation hashtags my app, may, mayedBy and mayedIn.


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