Natural Homemade Hair Dye Recipes


It’s a problem that many of our young people have been experiencing as a result of our lifestyle and food habits. Dye hair is an artificial way to forget the nail. Everyone is doing it normally but because of the many side effects There are many home remedies available to help the hero to remove the hair. Today we can find the same thing in our kitchen. Here are some home remedies.

Henna hair is very helpful for dark hair. In the video there is also a way to get a mylayalam …


Apply it to the boiling water. Wash it thoroughly and wash your hair thoroughly.


Add one teaspoon salt to a cup of black tea. Use it to massage on your scalp hair.

Fenugreek is another ingredient in the hair removal hair. Wash your hair with the top floor.

Add a bit of lemon juice to coconut oil and then massage the hair well. It looks like a hair scam.

Hair ghee is the best medicine in your kitchen.

Vegetable spices in the kitchen will also help you. Pour the powder in the powder. Add it to your gray hair.

Carrot oil is a natural way to add a bit of bone to the mixture. Combine both the mixture into your hair. Apply the mixture after about 15 minutes and bathe in warm water.

Onion juice is the best way to get dark hair. Do it three or three days a week.


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