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Anyone who has ever worn tights or pantyhose is aware of how clean they may be to tear and tear. As irritating as that is, it’s now not the cease of the arena! With a touch bit of DIY innovation, you could find all kinds of approaches to use your old tights, pantyhose, and even leggings!


1. Vegetable storage – The longer you permit your onions take a seat with out chopping them up, the extra they’ll begin to peel layers all over your counter. Keep them in tact via putting them in knotted sections alongside the leg of your antique pantyhose!.

2. Knitting “yarn” -Leggings or thick tights reduce into strips and knotted end to quit make a splendid opportunity knitting material! The effect could be like the usage of a totally chunky wool. It’s best for mats, blankets, and big circle scarves!

3. Woven ground mat – Just like with the legging “yarn”, you may create a mat like this via stripping tights or leggings, knotting them quit to quit, after which braiding them collectively in long strands. Coil the braids round themselves, gluing all along, and voila!


4. Headband – Making a headband has by no means been less complicated! Cut the tights open, pick how long you want your section to be, and cut again to make a rectangle. Wrap it round your head and knot it but you like!

5. Gift wrap – Reusable present wrap is a developing trend as it’s environmentally friendly and avoids waste! Using old tights additionally makes wrapping presents brilliant and colourful.

6. Ballet crop – Cut off the feet and cut a circle to your head, then put the tights on your torso the other way up. Now you have a simple, sheer crop top!(Source: Pointe Til You Drop)

7. Long ruffled socks – What’s better than turning old fashion in to new style? We can’t consider whatever. Reuse the legs of tights that best tore close to the top to create these lovely ruffled thigh-high socks.

8. “Soap on a rope” – Putting cleaning soap interior pantyhose does a few beneficial things! Firstly, the great netting of the hose exfoliates your pores and skin. It also helps you to use cleaning soap to the very last tiny bit by using retaining several little cleaning soap ends collectively in a single vicinity, making them easy so that it will hold and scrub with.

9. Vacuum display – Have you ever lost something certainly tiny and struggled to find it? Stretching antique pantyhose over the nozzle of the vacuum hose and preserving them in location with an elastic is a awesome way to suck up the lost object… with out really sucking it up forever!

10. Toy caterpillar – This cute craft may be made with socks, tights, pantyhose, ot nylons. It’s a adorable plush that both children and animals will love.

11. Sweater bows – Ballet crimson tights make specially lovely bows due to their delicate coloration! Cut the legs of your tights into strips so that they form a ring, and tie each ring in a knit at the center. Sew them onto a blouse but you please!

12. Decorative door wreath – Not all door wreaths are for Christmas! Colourful tights legs, fake plants, and some ribbon are all you need to make a lovely wreath for springtime.

13. Flower hairpieces – Bendable twine and sheer tights or pantyhose in specific sunglasses of pink provide you with the strength to make gorgeous, delicate vegetation. Glue or sew them to a hair clip!

14. Victorian lace bolero jacket – The legs of a pair of footless tights make best sleeves! With a few scissors and a bit little bit of simple stitching, you may turn an old lace pair right into a lovable shrug jacket very quickly.

15. Lace trimmed socks – Do you like the concept of making your personal socks, however the thigh-excessive socks above aren’t your style? Try reworking your pantyhose into these adorable little lacy ankle socks alternatively!


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