Placement Of Household Items According To Vastu Shastra


Whether we trust it or not, there are things which are beyond our information. Such matters can be scientifically unproven but they on occasion disrupt the everyday drift of lifestyles – for higher or for worse.

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The artwork of putting appliances at domestic for better strength channelization is not scientifically verifiable, however if you are one of these folks that take anecdotal evidence severely, this art can advantage you. The Chinese known as it Feng Shui. Indians referred to as it Vastu Shastra.Today, we’ll speak Vastu Shastra and what it says approximately interior designing and about placing appliances and furniture at home.


Where to preserve Refrigerator

Let’s begin with fridge – a have to-have appliance at every domestic. It’s best placement? According to vastu experts, it is the south-west corner. If some different appliance is already placed there, then west or north-west. The north-east nook is a strict no. Also, there must be a huge hole among the fridge and the wall.

Where to keep mirrors
Mirrors have usually been related to magic and supernatural. So you need to be careful with their placement. Vastu specialists endorse no longer to location a replicate on the other facet of the mattress. It’s a awful omen that will increase the quantity of poor strength at domestic.

Incorrect placement of the reflect may want to bring about poor power being contemplated away. If the reflect is going through the east or north course, incorrect sort of electricity will enter the house. If it’s a placing mirror, cling it at the north of east wall. Never hang it at the south wall.

Where to preserve dresser


If you’re making a list of vital furnishings, cloth cabinet might be likely be on the pinnacle. As said in Vastu Shastra, the south-west path is maximum optimized for putting cloth wardrobe. The doorways of the wardrobe ought to face the north or east route.

Vastu tips are not restrained to placement. They practice to coloring and contour as nicely. Light colorations are ideal for the dresser. Bedroom wardrobes should be product of wood.

Where to place mattress

Bed is perhaps the most indispensible furniture. A lot relies upon on the position of bed. It have to be placed in a head-facing-south manner. Southwest position is right. The bedroom shouldn’t be in any of the following directions:

North, north-east, south-east and east. If your bed room is positioned in any of those guidelines, you’ll hold going through disharmony within the own family, emotional turmoil and one after another financial loss. When lying, maintain your head in south path. It’s believed to be auspicious.

Where to location upholstery

They are typically located inside the living room. If vastu shastra is to be taken significantly, south and west guidelines are suitable for retaining upholstery. Elders often sit down on armchairs or divans. At the time of sitting, they have to face south or west.

The form of upholstery is also important. If you have a sofa or settee and it’s L-fashioned, you’ll have a couple of issues at home. If you’re fond of L-form furnishings and need your sofa to appear to be one, get two sofa units and area them in L manner.

Dining desk perfect placement

If you’ve got a huge and spacious kitchen, region the eating table in the north-west facet. In many households, dining tables are located in the dwelling room because of shortage of area. That’s o.K. In line with vastu shastra. But even in case you place the dining table in living room, don’t forget about to vicinity it in north-west.

The build and form of the eating table are each important for vastu fulfillment. Ideally, the table should be product of stable wooden and it must be either spherical or oval fashioned. Light shades are preferred as darkish colorings is thought to ask poor energies.

Kitchen utensils placement

Vastu shastra believes fireplace and water are two primordial and major forces in the universe. Both forces are energetic within the kitchen. The layout of the kitchen is pivotal to stability out the two opposing forces. The range pinnacle and the sink – one reminiscent of hearth, any other water – have to be far from one another, to make certain there’s no conflict among the energies.

The cooktop shouldn’t be near the window or the corner. Per vastu shastra, bad energies input the house from the window and corner areas are in which they often continue to be saved. Hence, hold the cooktop faraway from the corner and the window.

Bathroom fixtures placement

Vastu isn’t always too fussy about lavatory fixtures placement, may be due to the fact a rest room is predominantly a place for water and water washes away negative energies.

One issue vastu recommends, keep the rest room well-lighted and a great and properly-functioning ventilation device. Shelves and shelves within the rest room ought to be product of wood, stone and ceramic.

Summing up

When adorning your home or installing new fixtures, hold vastu guidelines in mind. That being said, don’t overdo it, ever. It’s top to be knowledgeable and bendy in relation to the topics of perception. But being superstitious isn’t always.


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