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The official Kerala Police App is a digital initiative to give the common public easy access to all our services.


You can file a police complaint through the Pol app

Do you have to file a complaint at any police station or any police office?


The Kerala Police has introduced the facility of filing a complaint through the smart phone in hand without going directly to these places. You can file a complaint through Kerala Police’s official app Pol App or help Web Portal without going to the police station. After installing Pol app register with mobile number. For this, the name, age, mobile number, Aadhaar number and full address of the complainant should be given at the first stage. Then, after selecting the place, date, brief description of the complaint, the police station limit and the office to which the complaint is to be sent, it can be uploaded. The complaint can be submitted by giving information about the person against whom the complaint is being filed (opposing party or suspect). Complaints can be filed from the police station to the DGP office through this system.

The complainant can download and take a printout of the receipt for filing the complaint. It can also check the status of the complaint submitted and the action taken.

Pol App Download Link👇🏻

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