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Do you have beautiful dupattas mendacity waste in your dresser? Well, it takes place, while we now not wear the salwar kameez due to motives like wear and tear or becoming problem. Now what to do with those adorable decorative dupattas? Just throw them out or use them as a mop?? No methods, you could usually make properly use of old chunnis rather than dumping them as waste. Here we are suggesting you eight creative ways on the way to reuse vintage dupattas, have a look:

How to Use Dupatta for Decoration

Many of you might be surprised to recognise that there are such a lot of ways wherein we will use antique dupatta for adornment. Dupattas are of various kind like a few are plain chiffon dupattas whereas some have heavy gildings of zari or replicate work or pom-poms or bandhani print or silk ones, so depending on the type of dupatta we can recycle vintage dupatta into following things:


1. Reuse Old Dupattas for Cushion Covers
Dupattas having quite embellishments with borders can be used to make cushion covers. You can ask your nearby tailor to sew the cushion cover and make creative use of dupatta and recycle vintage clothes into some thing new. These cushion covers crafted from vintage dupatta reuse will deliver a private touch in your living room.

2.Reuse Old Dupattas for Curtains
One of the first-class approaches to make use of old chunnis is by converting them into curtains. Take one quit of the dupatta, add the circles to cling it and then reduce the duration as required and your new curtains are ready prepared.

3. Reuse Old Dupattas and Make Table Cloth
Whether it’s your dining table or middle desk, you could recycle antique dupatta and make a table material for it. All which you need to do is cut the dupatta as in step with the size of your desk and stitch it from all sides to block the ends.

4. Photo frame with Dupatta Border
If you are seeking out a few extra options on how to reuse antique dupattas then here we move. Dupattas having adorable borders can be reduce out and joint together to create a unique photograph frame. You can gift this non-public contact photograph body to someone special or enhance it on your personal residence and make old dupatta reuse well.

DIY With Old Dupattas
Apart from decoration, there also are other creative uses of dupatta that you could without difficulty DIY, underneath are the indexed matters that you could craft from antique dupatta:

5. Reuse Old Dupattas for a Headband
Old dupattas can be thoroughly used to create headbands. Take any mild fabric dupattas like chiffon or georgette and reduce its duration as in step with your head length. Tie it up and create a retro appearance.

6. Reuse Old Dupattas and Make Old Dupatta Jacket
Use published dupatta or embellished work dupatta to make vintage dupatta jacket out of it. You can group up the DIY ethnic jacket with salwar kameez or western outfits as nicely.

7. Reuse Old Dupatta as a Stole or Scarf
You can give a new life and reuse vintage dupatta by way of cutting out a portion from it and the use of it as a stole or scarf along with your denims or attire. This is one of the maximum simplest way to recycle vintage dupatta.

8. Reuse Old Dupattas and Convert it right into a Stylish Top
The today’s poncho tops may be created out of published antique dupattas. You can in addition additionally upload pom-poms to the ends of the top. If you’ve got sequins, beaded, stone or replicate work decorated top then you may create adorable birthday party wear ethnic tops from vintage dupatta.

Hope the above suggestions about the way to reuse antique dupattas will help you and in preference to dumping your antique clothes now you may make desirable use of them.


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