Saraswati Leaf for complete health care


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Attributes of saraswati leaf : These leaves are from a small plant that can grow at any location where water or humidity is gift.
This improves mind electricity, memory and strengthens nerves.
It is beneficial for individuals who use extra mind for his or her work like auditors, writers, painters etc.
It also delays getting older and is ideal for eyes.

Stomach ache, Indigestion in kids : Collect 12-15 saraswati leaves and fry them with cow ghee on low flame until leaves turn black.
Filter out the ghee and add 1/4th spoon jeera(cumin seeds), 1/2 spoon sugar and feed to kids at the side of lunch or dinner.
This will help them if they have constipation, or blood in stools.


Phlegm in throat : If elders have excess phlegm in throat and can’t talk, then acquire 10 saraswati leaves and fry them with 1/2 spoon cow ghee for two mins.
Chew these fried leaves slowly and throat can be cleared in 1-2 nights.

Cold and cough in children : Squeeze saraswati leaves and make youngsters drinks 1 spoon of its juice 2-3 times in keeping with day to get them comfort from cold and cough.

For Intelligent youngsters : Get whole saraswati plant along side roots and wash it.
Then dry it in shade for 2 days.
Make powder of the complete dried plant and shop it in a jar at a fab, darkish vicinity.
Pregnant girls ought to blend 1/2 spoon of this powder with 1 spoon cow ghee and take it on empty belly in morning and also at night earlier than napping.
By doing this, she will have clever youngsters.

For Skin sicknesses and hypersensitivity : Use the above stated saraswati plant’s powder, 1/4th spoon combined with 1 spoon honey, two times a day 1 hour earlier than lunch and dinner.
This will clean the blood and plenty of skin illnesses can be removed.

Or growing reminiscence and mind strength : Chiroli or Chironji or Saarapappu
1. Saraswati leaves powder : 25 gms
2. Sankhapushpi powder : 25 gms
3. Almonds(badam) powder : 50 gms
4. Cardamom(Elaichi) powder : 50 gms
5. Chironji(Buchanania Lanzan) or Charoli seeds powder : a hundred gms (commonly to be had in indian stores)

Usage : Mix them and keep in a tumbler jar at cool dry region.
Daily, upload 1 spoon of this powder to a hundred and fifty ml of milk and boil it well.
Then upload enough sugar or sweet sugar and drink it.
This may be utilized by kids and adults.
It gets rid of bodily ailments like fever, cough, cold, phlegm, coronary heart weakness and will increase memory power.

For Insanity, Fits ailment : Collect one hundred gms of saraswati powder as stated above.
Collect 50 gms of Almonds(badam) and soak them in heat water over night.
Next day, peel their pores and skin, dry them and powder them.
Fry 15 gms of black pepper for a minute and make their powder.

Now mix above 3 then add enough water to make thick paste.
Make small drugs of peas size with this paste and dry them in shade.
Store these drugs in a pitcher jar.
Depending at the severity of the trouble, use 2 or three pills in line with day after food along side warm cow milk.
This will remedy suits disease, vulnerable memory, Insanity, insanity etc.


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