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Presentations data of gadget’s stockpiling during a straightforward and clear graphical structureCapacity Analyzer and Disk Usage shows data on sdcard, usb gadgets, sd-cards, outside and inner stockpiling during a basic and clear graphical structure (infographics).

Capacity Analyzer and Disk Usage assists with opening up circle space by rapidly finding and erasing enormous records with sunburst graph and other supportive modes.

Right now it’s the foremost ADVANCED and INTERACTIVE DISK USAGE VISUALIZATION on Google Play. This application may be a basic expansion to any record program. it’s extremely straightforward and helpful instrument to scan for documents by size, type, date and other criteria.



Organizers and Files are spoken to as a Sunburst graph and arranged by their size.

Focal outline division may be a present registry. Its spoke to by a circle. the rest of the segment is that the subfolders and documents. Snap on the division and that we go further. Application draws settled levels with a head of recently chosen part.

Plate and STORAGE ANALYZER shows mount focuses as a pie outline with a free and accessible space and therefore the dispersion of records by class (archives, pictures, recordings, music, and so on.) and expansions (for instance, the appropriation of the Music has subcategory mp3, wma, ogg, and so on.)

Information on accessible stockpiles taken from mount purposes of the vold.fstab record.



All substance of the gadget is ordered at run. Full drive search should be possible during a second. Established documents are shown on the fast Search page within the wake of entering a search question.


Worldwide Top Ten biggest records mode is accessible.


Easy to know interface permits you rapidly switch among modes and pages.

You have the accompanying pages within the application:

FILE CATEGORIES. All records in inner and out of doors stockpiling, SD card or USB gadget are exhibited in an organized manner:

By class [records, recordings, music, and so on.]

By document size [huge, huge, medium, then forth.].

By date [today and yesterday, every week ago, and so on.]

● Device’s Storages page shows the outline measurements for accessible stockpiling.

● Drive UsageSunburst chard is an Intuitive and viable approach to point out the knowledge on the gadget. Basically drill-in and you’ll find inward information universe. within the event that you simply have utilized WinDirStat, Linux Baobab, disc space Fun or TreeSize you’re welcome!

● Top 10 Files mode gives you where all the free space on the gadget has vanished

● Quick Search mode shows the consequence of search or a substance of a picked class.


Application contains excellent gadget with clear structure. Gadget permits to regulate plate space from a dispatch screen and shows free and consumed space of inner stockpiling. Gadget are often resized if your android os adaptation permits it.

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