The Concealed Cistern: What You Need to Know


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What is a Concealed Cistern?
With a common rest room, the cistern is located at the rear of the toilet bowl. It can be wherein you role your spare toilet paper, or possibly a bowl of Potpourri to maintain the whole thing smelling sparkling.

Now, a hid cistern is a cistern hidden in the back of the wall of your rest room, which allows the rest room pan to sit down flush in opposition to the wall. In the world of present day toilet décor, minimalism seems to be king, and so the hidden cistern lavatory reigns in recognition.


The concealed cistern is available in most important forms: the completely concealed cistern primarily based within a partition wall, and a furniture-primarily based model in which the rest room cistern is hidden in a furniture or storage unit.

Concealed Cistern Sizing
Now, you might not think that concealing a bathroom cistern would ever be as easy as becoming an exposed cistern however it is. Where capacity issues get up is in the fact that there may be various hid cistern sizings to bear in mind, as well as host of products which could or may not be well suited.

The hid cistern itself can be enormously slender to fit into the thinnest of wall walls. It’s clearly tremendous how advanced lavatory technology is turning into!

You will even want to don’t forget the toilet type itself – for instance whether you have a returned to wall toilet or a wall hung lavatory.

Concealed Cistern Frames
We must point out that, particularly in wall-hung and again to wall rest room instances, you may be the use of a wall mounting body to guide the pan, piping, cistern and person.


You need to make certain when deciding on a hid cistern frame which you in shape dimensions to the ones of your partition wall.

With hidden cisterns, a preferred body sizing features zero.85, 1 and 1.2 metre heights with a a hundred and sixty-200mm intensity, whilst slimline frames offer right down to 80mm intensity to accommodate slimline hid cisterns. All of those cistern frames, as a minimum those supplied via Tap Warehouse, will characteristic a integrated flush plate.

Many now also include an real flushing cistern built-in, presenting an simpler, extra top rate direction to accomplishing a seamless hid cistern domestic bathroom installation.

Concealed Cistern Features
With the technical issue out of the way, we will circulate directly to the functions that make hid cistern products so popular with Tap Warehouse customers. In this progressive subject, manufacturers are virtually taking toilet functionality to new tiers with their concealed cistern services.

Dual Flush
Concealed cistern twin flush functionality is turning into of ever-extra environmental significance as we look to maintain the valuable planet on which we stay. In fact, twin flush functionality is now truly turning into a legal requirement in increasingly more international locations round the sector!

Money and Water-Saving Flush Settings
As we just noted, dual flush hid cisterns release a international of environmental ability. This is pushed in addition via main innovators permitting you to store cash with modern fill and flush valve era.

Geberit are one of the key players on this discipline – you can discover just how they’re pushing the limits of environmentally friendly lavatory operation proper here.

Reduced Flush Noise
You might imagine a hidden cistern to be a purely aesthetic benefit, however hold on… if your cistern is in the wall, may the bathroom flush not be as loud?

That’s right – a severe discount in flush noise is one of the least expected yet most preferred blessings of the hidden cistern bathroom!

And with a little soundproofing upon the inner of your partition wall, you can flip that quiet flush into a silent flush. Can you imagine it? With a hidden cistern technique, this wild idea is no longer a dream!

Slimline Design
Of direction, one hid cistern key feature is its slimline cistern capability, with slimline hidden cistern devices which could prove as skinny as 75mm! This minimises work required to create partition walls, and altogether is going closer to growing a rest room set up as minimum as minimum may be.

Aesthetics of the Concealed Cistern
While a few lavatory developments come and pass, others stick around a bit longer. Minimalism inside the mind of the contemporary rest room decorator is genuinely one such trend.

Less is extra, and concealed cisterns provide the pleasant lessening way to cluttered bathrooms. Hiding away all plumbing in the wall or furnishings unit is an innovative answer that can be completed for wonderfully low fee.

The concealed cistern works wonders on this aesthetic manner, allowing awareness of layout upon the walls, textures, colorations and other techniques to make your toilet honestly particular.

What greater should you need? Fashionable, practical, low-cost – a hid cistern opens aesthetic doors that render it the new norm everywhere from 5* motels to toll road carrier stations.

Is Concealed Cistern Maintenance Hard?
In a word – no. It is absolutely comprehensible that you would do not forget a concealed cistern toilet to motive problems in relation to maintenance. But via accomplishing a few due research, you may look after your concealed cistern rest room simply as without problems as a regular cistern lavatory.

It all depends on the positioning of the hid cistern access panel as designed via the manufacturer. This will either function at the pinnacle or the front of the unit, and could influence the manner you create your partition wall.

Simply add your personal get admission to panel for your partition wall in the precise vicinity so that accomplishing the hidden cistern isn’t tough. You can also use a furniture unit to hide your cistern or cover your get entry to panel at the back of a mirror!

Manufacturers of furnishings gadgets for hidden cisterns will of direction combine get entry to panels into their products, and hidden cistern manufacturers will create dual access hidden cistern (front and top, for example) to your ease of use and peace of mind.

What Type Of Toilets Can I Use a Concealed Cistern With?
Concealed cisterns are wanted for the ones contemporary, minimalist bathrooms that keep all the practical bits as hidden as feasible. Basically, not like in a traditional rest room where you could see a cistern above the toilet (lots of humans name it the “tank”), these lavatories are virtually a seen pan – or as we call them, lower back to wall or wall hooked up bathrooms. Let’s start with lower back to wall toilets…


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