Tips to keep your Mixer Grinder Clean


We recognise that preserving your mixer grinder easy is a hard project thinking about which you are leading a busy life. Which is why we have come with 5 hints so that you can help you maintain those home equipment clean.

1. Stain Removal Using Vinegar
Dark, sticky stain at the internal frame of grinder is our not unusual statement. Stain are not at all properly for grinder’s existence. These stains in general come from masala grinding and juice making. What you bought to do is absolutely add two spoons of vinegar in water.


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Pour this answer in the grinder and permit it to grind for good 3 to 4 seconds. Check if all the stains are removed. If not, make a greater concentrated answer and do the same aspect. Once all the stains are eliminated, your grinder is prepared


2. Complete Cleaning Using Baking Powder
Baking powder is one of the finest things you can use to maintain your grinder smooth. Baking powder, with its cleansing characteristic characteristics, help you remove the odour also. Take some baking powder. Add it to water and make a stiff paste. Allow it to settle a piece.

Now, practice it on the inner facet of the frame and depart the grinder for about fifteen mins. Once set, pour easy water within the jar and grinder for suitable half of a minute. Remove the entirety and check if entire of the grinder is wiped clean. Also, try and smell from inside. The foul smell have to were long past by means of now.

3. Cleaning Using Lemon Peels
We all recognize how effective lemon is in terms of eliminating stain and different terrible sticky substances. With citric acid, it could additionally be used to easy your mixer grinder, just like any other utensil. Steps are very clean. Get the juice from the lemon out. Now you are left with peels.

Take a peel and rub it to the internal surface of jar and also to the lid. The citric acid starts offevolved running in opposition to the stain and foul smells. After cleansing complete of the component, leave it for approximately fifteen mins. After that, clean everything with clean water and your grinder is cleaned wholly.

4. Remove Smell and get Shine Back Using Alcohol
Alcohol is not a worst thing after all. It has a few proper makes use of in cleaning additionally. We can correctly use alcohol and water aggregate to easy our mixer grinder. All you have to move is make a proper solution of each and hold it within the jar for precise fifteen minutes.

Remove the smell and check your grinder. All the foul scent may be gone through then. Also, the grinder regains its shine as soon as the answer is eliminated and jar and lid is wiped clean with new water.

5. Get the Grinder Back to Working Using Detergents
We don’t must do something new for cleansing grinder the use of this method. Just the traditional cleaning. Take drops of detergents which you use for cleansing utensils.

Add one litre water to it and pour the solution in grinder. Mix the solution nicely with the aid of grinding for approximately two seconds. Remove the solution and rinse well using clear water. You will find that most of the stain and odor is long gone and your grinder is ready now for utilization.


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